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Infidels! Terrorists! Extremists!

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“Infidels! Terrorists! Extremists!” These are the words being spewed from men and women alike, claiming to believe in God, claiming to live by the guidance set forth by God. How can any of us call ourselves children of God if all we do is try to claim our superiority over others. Does our religion really make us that much better? Does the brand of our religion really make us any different from the next person? No one has the right to judge anyone’s ability to gain entrance into a heaven they cannot even begin to understand? Is it not God who shall judge each individual, and God alone? if God is the only judge, then what does it matter to you, that another person should choose another path? Are you afraid their path is better? Perhaps you are both lost, or perhaps you are both right? How do you know?

You may claim that the Bible tells you what is the truth, or that the Quran, or the Torah tells you the truth, but what of their authors? Would you trust your soul to a person who is long gone? Some would say that those who have written such texts were guided by God, but who are you really trusting? Are you trusting your priest, the imam, rabbi, or even your parents? Are they not all human, fallible in every way? If God can guide them, who is to say He cannot also guide you? Can we not all look to God for guidance directly? Man would have others come to him for he sees nothing but himself. Seek not in others what you can seek in yourself.


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