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Where is God?

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waving grassPeople ask to see God all the time. They are told to go outside. And when they go outside, they see the stream as it trickles along, the knee high grass that waves in the wind, and the rays from the sun as it gives the sky a purple hue. They see butterflies float by and clouds scattered and dotting the vast expanse. The sounds of birds, and a symphony of insects and critters fill the air.

“Where is God,” they ask.

Again they are told to look outside. Outside they see children running by, laughing and playing. An old man sits on his stool humming to the sounds of nature. A couple is on their porch discussing the day’s events. A stranger is seen in the distance, his face out of view.

“Where is God,” they ask again.

They are told close the door and look inside. There they see their living room, filled with furniture. A mess is piled on the coffee table, and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing in the kitchen. It’s quiet and no one is home.

“Where is God,” they ask again.

They hear nothing. They see nothing. They smell nothing. They feel nothing. Everything turns to black. The sound of silence becomes deafening. Thoughts begin to empty from the mind. The smell of the coffee disappears. And there in front of them, in back of them, outside of them, inside of them, they feel nothing and everything.


Animal Kingdom

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dandelionWhat is considered a higher life form? Are dolphins greater than pigs? Are pigs greater than dogs? Are dogs greater than insects? Are humans the highest life form of all? Is there even a hierarchy to begin with? So often people judge what animals or resources are acceptable to eat or to consume based on the idea that some creatures are more important than another. But who makes this decision? Who is to say that the value received from a dolphin is greater than a pig, or that humans are above all other creatures? Who is to say that any extrinsic value is greater than any intrinsic value, or vice versa? Does not each creature serve a purpose, regardless if that purpose is known to us or not? Does not each individual for that matter, serve a purpose? Who is to say what is that purpose?

Even the lowly garden weed serves its role. Though many might see it as a nuisance, perhaps it serves as a reminder that despite its appearance, and despite the harsh environments it sometimes faces, it perseveres. Others might judge it. Others might try to destroy it and replace it with something they deem more appealing, but yet it survives.

We can even look to an ant or grub. Many would see them as insects or bugs that do nothing but invade our space, and steal our food. Regardless of how we perceive them, do they not also sustain us? Do they not remind us to be mindful of our surroundings and of current circumstances, in good times and in bad?

Each individual points the way, down from an ant, to a lowly garden weed, up to the most advanced primates. How and if we decide to see what they have to offer is up to us. So perhaps before we crown ourselves superior, we should ask what each individual has to offer.

Show Me

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Ray of lightShow me the black night, and I shall show you the stars.
Show me the clouds, and I shall show you the endless horizon.
Show me the fish, and I shall show you the oceans.
Show me a pebble, and I shall show you the mountains.
Show me your feet, and I shall show you your path.
Show me your hands, and I shall show you your deeds.
Show me your shoulders, and I shall show you your burdens.
Show me your eyes, and I shall show you your worries.
Show me your mind, and I shall show you your confusion.
Show me your heart and I shall show you boundless love.
Show me your soul and I shall show myself reflected in you.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

November 18, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Not All of God’s Creation

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Celtic circle and squareMan thinks it has the four corners of the Earth wrapped under its thumb. Man calls himself creator, but what man does not know is that he is the destroyer of all things given freely. For the sake of short term gain, man would destroy mountain tops that took eons to create. For the sake of short term gain, man would pollute the streams and the rivers and turn the oceans into a virtual dumping ground. For short term gain, man would clear all the forests and destroy all the beasts within them. From caretaker to blight, man has forgotten what is in their heart. With one hand, man tries to capture the beauty of nature, and with the other, he pillages the future of his own offspring.

Warning upon warning has come and still man refuses to listen. What man does not know is that he is not all of God’s creation, for these four corners are but a small pebble among many pebbles. Man is not God’s only creation.

Sandstorm’s Delight

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There is beauty in each grain of sand, and yet all you choose to see is dirt.

I am but a speck of sand. Will you choose to see me? Blowing in the wind, I am but a speck of sand.

I am a sandstorm’s delight. In your face, I fly. Squinted eyes, and gritted teeth, I am a sandstorm’s delight.

Smooth and polished, I have seen the bottoms of your soul. Smooth and polished, I have walked here before.

A companion to the wind and a neighbor to the floor, yes, I have been here before.

Listen ye! Listen ye! I am but a speck of sand.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

March 26, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Life’s Splendor

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It has been suggested that man has been born unto this world because it is God’s punishment for our disobedience. It is said that we were originally created as spirit to be companions for God, but were placed in this material world and born into flesh until we can find our way back to Him. It is also said that we will repeat this cycle of birth and rebirth until we have overcome our karma. The wicked shall be born into lower life forms and the righteous shall be rewarded with splendor?

To this I say, how can we call this a punishment? We are given companions in all forms of life. We are given the green Earth, the rolling hills, the majestic mountains and the enigmatic clouds. We are given the vast oceans and food in abundance. We are given the music of nature and the songs of thousands of birds and insects. We are given the warmth of the sun, and the changing seasons to remind us of all of the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. All these things we are given, and yet we call this a punishment.

Ungrateful are they who wish their life away. Ungrateful are they who turn their back on others. Ungrateful are they who waste and horde. Ungrateful are they who take advantage of the weak. Ungrateful are they who would enslave their brothers and sisters. Ungrateful are they who would call this a punishment.

Life is only a punishment if we make it a punishment. Life is only uncaring if we choose to be uncaring. Life is only cold if we choose to hate. Life is what we make it. So whether some choose to see this existence as a punishment or a blessing, I choose to see this life as an expression of God’s love for us all. For if God is God, surely He would have better things to do than to punish His own creation.