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Reconciling the Evils of Men and Women

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sad angelHow do you reconcile the evil in other men and women? Do you judge their acts and their thoughts? Do you succumb to their ways, whether as a need of acceptance or an act of desperation and survival? How do you reconcile your thoughts, your actions and feelings? From every breath we draw the divine and with each exhale we make a choice. Do we share that grace with others, or do we choose to fall from our own graces just to please another?

Perhaps God does not exist to judge us, and perhaps he does not exist to cause us suffering? We do such a good job of it on our own. We punish ourselves each day. We turn our backs and we turn our faces in shame of the things we’ve done, and contemplate doing. At the end of each day, we must look at ourselves and ask, was I the best version of myself today? Did I help others to be the best version of themselves, or did I act selfishly without regard for others? Did I help to bring calm, or did I add to the confusion? Did I bring peace and understanding, or did I stoke the flames of anger and hate?

Do not become the hate you try to extinguish. Do not stir the pot of confusion. Regardless of the God above, bring joy to all those who come into your life.


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June 21, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Creative Will to Explore

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exploring darknessFree will cannot be taken away. The creative will to explore and to be oneself cannot be taken away. The physical body can be imprisoned, shackled and tortured, but the free will of the spirit and soul cannot be removed. Some may try to influence others through overt or concealed deception, but these deceptions are meaningless because the heart cannot be deceived. Whether through deceptive words, appearances, or actions, the heart knows truth, and is the seat of unconditional love. The mind, if allowed, is a door for all else. It knows what it knows, based on what it is told, sees, and experiences. When working with the heart, it acts like a gatekeeper. By itself, and left unchecked, it can be an oppressor.

To influence the heart, is to speak the truth and to speak openly without judgment or condemnation. To influence the mind, is to appeal to the ego. To remove undue influence, quiet the mind so that the heart may be heard. If it cannot be heard, wait. If one cannot wait, then Be.

Persecuting the dEvil

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good versus evilCan a person be holy and still persecute someone they deem evil? Can a person know love and then persecute someone for not finding love themselves? Can a person know love and then persecute someone when they find love in a different way? If the devil tried to teach you something, would you dismiss him simply because he was evil? If you didn’t take the time to know, could you ever find out?

Can a person know God and then proceed to tell another they did not? Can a person have a relationship with the Creator, and then wash their hands of His creations? Can a person know love, without knowing the Divine? Can a person love them self and still damn others for their beliefs?

Perhaps if we spent the time to understand others, we would not find it necessary to condemn someone for missing some mark. Perhaps if we really knew ourselves, we would not require others to subjugate their beliefs on our behalf. The dEvil goes by many a name, and yet so do We.

Fighting Temptation

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Pray. With pure intent from your heart, your prayers and your thoughts are heard. Do not see them as enemy for they are you. There is no separation from they who wish to do you harm. There is no separation from those who would try to drive you to fear. They are you. They are scared and yet they do not know it. They have lost their way. As evil as they may be and as wicked as the thoughts and images they show may be, forgive them, for they truly have forgotten. Love them. Shine a light on them. Allow them to remember.

Ye shall reap what ye sow. Sow the seeds of love and the fruit shall be bountiful. Sow the seeds of hate and anger, and ye shall cry forever more.

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February 3, 2010 at 5:53 am


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Deception does not always have to come in words. Deception does not always have to come in appearance. In holding back from others we can also deceive. In holding back the truth and in trying to hide our true intent we can also deceive. By pretending to not know something, or by dancing around the truth, we not only deceive others, but we also deceive ourselves. Like a fist grasping to hold onto water, our lies become fruitless attempts at holding onto that which is seen through the heart. As much as we would like to hide our true intent, and as much as we would like to cover up the truth, sometimes the smallest gestures are all that need to be said. Whether it’s a hug, a smile or a nod, our hearts speak to each other. Without even a glance, your spirit is one with mine, and you are my brother and sister in this life and the next.

There is no need to be anyone but you. There is no need to impress. There is no need to hide. There is only you and there is only me, and we are One. Speak your mind for there is no judgment in being you. Speak your heart and sing the joys of your spirit for there is no judgment in being you. Follow me for only as long as one foot wishes to follow the other, for there is only you.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

January 26, 2010 at 7:27 pm

The Devil in You is the Devil in Me

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the devilHe sees division and he smiles. He sees confusion and he smiles. He sees the lost and he smiles. He is who he is and we call him enemy. He is who is and we call him friend. He is who is and we call him God’s equal. He craves faith and devotion and we have given it to him. He craves power, and our minds are more than willing.

Wars are fought, people are murdered, women and children are raped, the innocent are defiled, and we blame God. We make poor choices, and reap the results of our own doing, and we blame God. We blame God for all the woes of our lives, and yet when life blesses us with good health, or good fortune, we forget His existence. The ungrateful ask for more and there is confusion. The angry forget who they are and there is confusion. The devil smiles and there is confusion.

Open up your heart. Open up your mind. Open up your spirit. Listen!

Have Mercy

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Have mercy on others for they know not always what they do. Have mercy on others, for they also hold the keys to the kingdom. Have mercy on others, for even in their misgivings, they have taught you the love of God. Surely, although influence comes from all directions, we always have the choice to listen to our hearts, through which God speaks, or to our minds, through which outside influence enters. Influence is seen and often times not seen. It is not always by our choice. In times of confusion, we must turn inward to the divine.