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Transitory Experience

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Much like death, life is a transitory experience. The lines that separate life, death and the “next life” are blurred at best, marked by tears of misunderstanding and memories as blurred as the lives they separate. Memories become placeholders, but more importantly they become lessons, not just for this life but for all of whom you would share your life.

Each life, each soul, not only becomes a library of lessons but a testament of the divine for we are all witness to the divine in every waking and no(n/w) waking moment. We are witness to the divine unfolding.


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July 11, 2013 at 5:44 am

Long Suffering

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The words I could not say…

We love you.

We will miss you.

Forever in our hearts there will be a place for you.

We miss your company and yet you have not gone.

We miss your smile and yet you have not stopped smiling.

We miss your guidance and yet you have never stopped guiding.

We miss your warmth and yet your light shines ever brighter.

Go in peace, but never too far away.

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May 26, 2012 at 8:57 am

Let Us Cry Together

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crying childDo not take away my pain for it is mine to bear. Do not take away my tears for they are mine to shed. Do not take away my heartache for it is mine to understand. Do not parse my words for they are mine to express. Do not tell me how to grieve. Do not tell me how to cry. Love me the same as you would love those in pain.

It is difficult to watch those we love suffer in such a way we can only fathom to understand. No one wants to see their children, siblings or parents in pain. No one wants to watch those they love go through an anguish that can alone be lifted with time and healing.

While we all grieve in our own way we must allow each to express themselves in their way and in their time. Some fold into their shell and hide from prying eyes. Some cry uncontrollably. Some appear as though all emotions have been wiped from their face. Some become angry and lash out. Still others seek comfort and solace in all who would give it. Though we may all grieve in our own way, we need not grieve alone. We need not suffer alone. We need not heal alone.

Though we may each shed a tear, let us shed it together. Let us cry on each other’s shoulders and worry not about the time. Let us accept each other’s loving embrace and remember we are never alone. Let us remember that in happy times, and sad, we are always loved. We are never alone. Let us celebrate together.

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April 17, 2012 at 12:35 am

Remembering Humanity

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Osama bin Laden How can we celebrate and exult in jubilation over the death of another person, no matter how many evil acts one has committed? Have we lost our humanity? Have we become so enraged and disconnected that we cannot recognize how far we have fallen? How much blood will it take to quench our thirst for revenge? How many lives must we turn upside down before we can see how we have become the very thing we despise? We dress our cause in a different religion, different colors, different robes, and a different motto, but are we not just the same? We justify our acts through muddled logic, while we spin the voices of our enemies into poison hymns.

What separates us? Are we not just the same? Have we not become the same? Though we may tell ourselves otherwise, why are we so quick to anger? Why are we so quick draw the line between brothers and sisters? Today, many celebrate the death of an enemy, when perhaps we should pray that the truth may be revealed to us all, to those who have died, and to those who are still here. So do I celebrate? No. Inside, my heart weeps for those who have forgotten. My heart weeps for those would rather live in hate, rather than choose to remember love. My heart weeps for those who would use revenge and anger as their rallying call. My heart weeps for those who would be damned. My heart weeps for the innocence lost.

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May 3, 2011 at 2:46 am

Rushing Toward the Light

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crack of lightIf you see a crack of light, do not run towards it, for you are already there.
If someone promises enlightenment, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.
If someone promises the heavens, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.

No one can promise anything to you that you have not already accepted.

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February 10, 2011 at 8:10 am

Reset Button

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reset buttonThere are some for whom death brings to an end to all of life as they know it, whether they viewed it as a glorious adventure, or an inconsequential endeavor. Some view it as the ushering in of a new phase of existence. The physical body is shed, and the spirit and soul are allowed to roam free without boundaries and shackles to tie them down. Others still, view death as one great reset button. With this life at an end, a new one is ready to be lived and the past a distant memory.

So which is it? Does it matter? Would you treat this life that you live now any differently? Would you live for the consequences of what may be to come, or would you live your life for what is now? Hedging bets against this life can only take one so far. For in assuming knowledge or anticipating what is to come, whether it is in death, or just a new day, we rob ourselves of a life we could enjoy right now. There is no guarantee that death, tomorrow, or even the next moment will bring something different than what can be achieved in this moment. Freedom for the soul and the spirit is in this moment. The reset button is in this moment. The new life is in this moment. What are you waiting for? Push it.

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February 3, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Creating a New Totem

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totemAge does not necessarily bring wisdom.
Age does not necessarily bring stature.
Age does not necessarily bring understanding.

When we pass from this plane, our words will fade.
The memories of the past will become blurred.
What once was will become but a footnote.

We can try to wipe away the pain. We can try to wipe away the memories. We can try to wipe away the words. We can even try to dig our heals into the ground. Youth is understanding under a different light, while age just shifts the context. Dream not for the past, or for the future, but for all that has always been.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

October 14, 2010 at 5:28 pm