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Conscious Reminders

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The spirit and soul cannot be enslaved. They cannot be contained in a box or a container. They belong to no one and yet they belong to everyone and to everything. In this life or the next, they are witnesses to our every being. They are teachers. They are blank slates. They are memories made and memories to be made. They are conscious reminders of who we are and who we are to be. They are the spark of life, and yet they are not all of life. They are connected to all that is, and yet they have never been disconnected. They are not limited by distance. They are not limited by time or by the confines of the body. They are freedom personified.


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April 18, 2012 at 5:04 am

When the Water Flows

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water fallWhen the water flows let it be. Let it fall through every crack and crevice. Let it flow over every rock and leaf. When the water flows, let it follow the creeks and rivers. Let it nourish the thirsty. When the water flows, let it trickle down from the highest peak to the lowest valley. Let it bathe and cleanse. Let it refresh and bring life. When the water flows, bring it to the table of those who would drink. When the water flows, save not for tomorrow, but bask in the infinite. When the water flows…

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June 17, 2011 at 5:43 am

Bring Peace to Your Heart

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Share your path with another that you may illuminate the darkness. Bring love to those who would deny it for themselves. Do not make others as you, but allow others to light the way.

30 Seconds of Nirvana

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bite of an appleNirvana is not confined to 30 seconds of peace, nor is it solely in the confines of meditation or mindful breath. It is not the cessation of life nor is it the deprivation of all bodily perception. Nirvana is not a state of mind nor is it the lack of a state of mind. Many gurus have had their say, and so shall many more. Some claim peace on mountain tops, and others in secluded caves. And though this may be the path they have chosen for themselves, it is not the only path to your heart. It is true that the life many lead now is not the same as those long since past, but what has always been will continue to be. Men may create constructs, and boundaries from where there are none, but it is each person’s choice to live by the rules of other men, or by the eternal light in each person’s soul.

Look beyond the world you have come to know, and tear down the walls others have told you to build. Peace is eternal. From all things it is created. Bite of the fruit and know the orchard is all about you.


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January 21, 2011 at 10:42 pm

Nothing Without You

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I am a feather in the wind.
I am a grain of sand in the arid desert.
I am a blade of grass in green pastures.
I am a drop of water in the deep oceans.
I am a spec in the cosmos.
I am a ray in the infinite light.
I am the compassionate heart.
I am the humbled warrior.
I am a stranger.
I am a friend.
I am your mother.
I am your father.
I am your brother.
I am your sister.
I am you on lonely nights.
I am you on joyous occasions.
I am you when the nerves run deep.
I am the light.
I am the dark.
I am the in between.
I am love.
I am peace.
I am hope.
I am harmony.

I am all of these things and yet I am nothing without you.

Get the Balance Right

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Yin-YangIt is true that in light of a lot of darkness, the light of love shines bright and we are given understanding. Some people say there must be balance (yin/yang, positive/negative, light/dark, good/bad) in order for there to be true understanding, but what if our understanding of balance was misguided? It is true, each serves their purpose. For this reason we cannot judge? It is also true that within our heart of hearts, we know what “feels” right and what does not? For instance, I don’t need to stick my hand into a fire to know that I will get burned. I know because I know. How I come to know, may be another question. Perhaps God has made it so? Perhaps He guides some in different directions, or perhaps He guides all equally?

What if I said hell and punishment was not a fiery pit like some have come to believe? What if instead it was a state of mind in which we were our own tormentors? What if we were made to relive the pain and suffering that we inflicted on others, but through their eyes and through their lives? Would you call this justice, would you call it punishment, or would you call it neither? Perhaps that too is a lesson in and of itself? Forgiveness is as much for the other person as it is for our self. We do it to ourselves. By loving, we go beyond the ideas of judgment and punishment, because who are we judging and punishing, but our self?

Some may think God to be cruel and unfair. Some may think Him to be all loving and all caring. I am of the latter but that is my belief. God wears many hats, but perhaps the greatest hat of them all is Father and Mother for free-will does not mean a life without consequences. Freewill means a life of choosing, knowing that our actions and our thoughts do not live in vacuums.

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April 19, 2010 at 8:32 pm

The Difference Between Knowing and Understanding

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I know some do not believe in a God and some have different ideas as to who or what God is, or whether the God one person believes in, is the same as the God that another person believes in. I used to fight such ideas, but to me the search for understanding oneself and God is a very personal thing, although it is very much a shared experience. Because of that, part of me believes it makes no sense to try and convince anyone to believe in one thing over another. At the same time, I feel that it is important to be who we are. If there is a compulsion to share from the heart what one feels, I believe people should do it. To me the truth is absolute, although perceptions of it may vary from person to person and even from experience to experience. To me, the same goes for understanding God. God is absolute, but our understanding of Him may change from experience to experience. Although that may seem like a confusing take on life, to me it makes the difference between knowing and understanding.