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No Closer

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Jacob's LadderA priest is no closer to God than a child with little knowledge of the world about him. A person who goes to church every day of every week is no closer to heaven than a person who seeks solace in the dwelling of their own heart. A person who has committed prayers to memory is no closer to having their prayers fulfilled than one who speaks candidly and without fanfare.

Kind words do not a person make. Great deeds and connections in high places do not a person make. We are on equal footing. No man or woman, whatever creed or stature, comes before the next. The line to the gates of heaven are made no closer by the volume of our prayers, or by our perceived connection to Creation. We are as One regardless of our understanding of it and any desire to exclude others from it. For in chastising others, or in celebrating our perceived standing, we have done nothing but separated ourselves. We have become divided amongst ourselves and within ourselves.

Bring peace to the world by seeing the peace within. Bring joy to the world by seeing the joy within. Bring understanding to the world by understanding yourself. Bring love to the world by loving yourself. One drop at a time, one soul at a time, we are united and we are One.

Planting a Seed

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green light

This is dedicated to my mom who inspired this thought.

Several years ago while meditating I decided to ask God to show me Himself. I asked Him to show me what God is, and to remove any of my preconceived thoughts of God and of existence itself. I asked that any internal and external biases be removed so that I may come to understand.

As I asked this through my heart, I attempted to quiet my mind. What I experienced and what I saw I could not expect. With my eyes opened, I became blind. I could not see anything. Slowly my vision went, and everything became black. There was not even a hint of light. With my ears straining to hear any voice or sound, I could hear nothing. The buzzing of the street lights disappeared and the distant traffic became non-existent to my ears. I had become deaf. Next my racing mind seemed to pause. All thoughts sank away. Not even an image or random thought had crossed my mind. It was quiet, yet at the same time I was all too aware that it was quiet. It was not overwhelming. I was peace.

Not a worry had occupied me. As I became aware of this emptiness, this lack of sensation, I began to see a tunnel in my mind’s eye. At the end or perhaps it was the beginning, I saw what appeared to be a green light, beckoning, almost like a cocoon. With that, I began to hear again and I began to see again. The image had disappeared and thoughts came flooding back.

At the time this occurred, I thought I had understood what happened. I thought I knew what God or perhaps my inner self was trying to tell me. I found solace in this quietness, this communion of sorts. And yet today I found myself seeing more understanding in this experience. I found God to be everything, and at the same time I found God to be nothing. I found God to be peace, inner peace, a choice seemingly made by me, but not entirely by me. Perhaps like a seed in our heart, God is there waiting to be nurtured, waiting to show us our true selves, our true potential.

What or who is God to you?

Bringing Down a Phalanx

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phalanxDisbelief and self-doubt are powerful in their ability to destroy oneself and even those whom would place their trust blindly with others. No matter how inclined one is to follow a particular path or mode of thinking, seeing the doubt that others may have in the same idea can often be detrimental to one’s own ability to believe.

Where a bridge stood or a rope supported one’s weight, the support fades and we are left to question our own faith, and our own motives. Have we followed others all along, or have we forged our own path? Are we truly comfortable in our own skin, or have we lived off of the support of others?

Doubt can bring a phalanx down, but when confronted with a chance to redeem oneself, there is no turning back. There is only Us in the end, no one stronger, smarter, or more prepared. There is only Us and yet all we have to confront is ourselves.

Bathing in the Ganges

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Hindus Gather At Sacred Rivers For Kumbh Mela Festival
photo: LIFE Magazine; Hindus Gather At Sacred Rivers For Kumbh Mela Festival

Would you give a piece of your soul to someone or something if you knew it could bring them back? Would you give a piece of your soul to someone if you knew that it would help them see the truth? Would you give a piece of your soul if you knew you could not get it back? What if our souls did not belong to us? What if they belonged to everyone? What if what we thought were individual souls, were in fact the pieces of our self that we remembered? What if our souls were like drops of water in an ocean of souls? What if we were constantly giving of ourselves and receiving of others? Would we still exist as individuals? Would we remember who we are?

We are like the ocean. From many drops We are One. Thrust your fist into the ocean and grab a fist full of knowledge. Through your hands it escapes, but become the ocean, and understand there is nothing to grab. There is nothing even to give. There is acceptance and realization. United in a single dance, We are One.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

February 28, 2011 at 10:58 pm

We All Need Each Other to Remember

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Lost logoOver the course of the last few weeks, several people have come into my life. Some were family. Some were strangers. Some of them I have never met before and others I have known. I have disagreed with some, and for others we see eye to eye. As different as they may be, each one of them holds a place in my heart for each has reminded me of whom I am and who I have become. They have shown me my strengths and they have shown me my weaknesses.

Although there are times I may go through life thinking I have things figured out, they remind me of who I am, of who they are, but most of all, who we are. Though I walk my path and make choices by my own freewill, this life is a shared journey and I would not be where I am without all of those who have touched my life. Through struggles and heartache, through peace and joy, they have all touched my heart. To honor them is to be myself. Thank you for helping me to remember.

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May 24, 2010 at 10:23 pm

“Psychic” Abilities

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Psychic AbilitiesWhat if one of the purposes of these abilities was so that we could also understand that in truth we do not necessarily need them? They allow for some fantastic experiences that is for sure. They can open up our eyes to the things that exist in this world and the next. They can certainly give us a perspective we may have never considered. They can even allow us to intimately feel others in ways we could never have imagined. They can show us just how connected and interwoven we really are. Regardless of these abilities, we are connected nonetheless? Though it is nice to be reminded in a different way, we are certainly reminded in more ways than one through our very own lives?

Whether we can see, feel and communicate with spirits or not, we are still connected. Whether we can hear other’s thoughts, feel other people’s and animals’ emotions or physical ailments, or whether we can do none of these things, we are all still connected. Whether we can manipulate energy or see it as auras that seemingly shine from our very existence, or whether we are blind and can see none of these things, we are still connected.

We are connected if we but choose to see. And though our ears might hear, and our eyes might see, and our minds might think, our hearts understand. We are connected, you, and I.

Soften Your Hearts

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Soften your hearts that you should know thy lord, thy God. We have given you guidance and you have thrown it away. Generations have come and gone and with each generation We have sent many. You are as children playing as children. Listen child, that you will know Me. Love your brothers and sisters, that you should love Me.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 8, 2009 at 6:34 am