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Without Indignation

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It is easy to blame ourselves for not being better human beings, for not loving each other enough, for not being there enough when it counts. It is so easy to beat ourselves up that we even look for any reason to be hard on ourselves. We want so much to be perfect, to say the right things and do the right things. Perhaps what is more important than trying to be everything to everyone, or trying to make each moment as perfect as we want it to be, is that we just stop long enough to be ourselves.

Perhaps there is no need to impress, to lead with our best foot forward, because in being ourselves, each step is our best foot forward. By being ourselves, and removing those inhibitions that prevent us from saying what we want to say, and doing what we want to do, we bring honor to all that is. No longer ashamed, or afraid of being who we are, perhaps we can accept all that we each have to give.

There is no imperfection or miscalculation. There are no slights, or offenses. There is no spite, or jealousy. There is just simply understanding. There is understanding that what we each bring to the table is a different face of God, a different face of humanity. And if we are so ashamed of humanity, perhaps it is not humanity that we are ashamed of, but rather our lack of understanding of our place in it.

So let us not blame each other, or even ourselves. Let us simply be. Let us be without fear of reprisal, or judgment. Let us be without indignation and indifference. Let us be without regrets. Let us be.


War and the Inner Monk

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BuddhaIs there war? Does there have to be war? To many the answers are obvious. One only needs to look out their window or turn on the television to see the effects and destruction of war. It’s easy to point out examples now and throughout time. The answer almost seems matter of fact, and yet perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way.

Is there war or is there only struggle? Internal and external struggles, perhaps they are the same. In others we see our shortcomings. We see the things we would like to change in ourselves. But rather than seek a path to understanding ourselves, we fight and we deny. We deny others a choice so that we do not have to face the one choice that sits right in front of us.

Rather than try to ask ourselves why we struggle to accept, or why we have each chosen the path we have selected, it almost seems easier to destroy all the things we do not yet understand and all the things we have chosen to deny. Is there war? Again, the answer seems an obvious one. We see others fighting and destroying each other, and yet this war is right inside each of us. In each of us there is a struggle. It’s not the struggle to fight what is right versus what is wrong. Instead it is the struggle to love ourselves. It is the struggle to accept ourselves in the face of self-denial.

When we are faced with questions that seem obvious, yet seem filled with doubts, we often cater to the responses of our friends. We pander to our inner monk. We bend the will of our heart in hopes of counting all of the nods of approval. To this we must ask ourselves, is it better to be ourselves or is it better to count the pupils that burn a hole through our very soul?

We can try to fill a void with praises and head counts, but until we can face ourselves, and until we can put down that inner struggle, will we be able to see our true selves. We are the prying eyes. We are the countless voices. We are the emptiness. We are the fullness in every breath. We are the inner and we are the outer. We are all there is.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

April 6, 2012 at 5:15 am

Future Flux

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The future never matters as much as the present because no matter how hard you try to capture what is front of you, it is always just out of reach and understanding. The future cannot be understood without the present, just as the present cannot be understood without the past. And though we might feel we have a grasp on all three, each is dependent on the other. As impossible as that may seem, our perception of the now, is constantly in flux. It is influenced by our emotions, and the very things that stir us and put us to sleep.

Reality is what we make it. Acceptance is what we make it. Expectations are what we make them. And yet all of these things are not mutually exclusive, with each potentially depending on the other. However, we can choose to live in a world of potentials or we can choose our fate at every moment. As seemingly out of control as life may sometimes appear, we have control over every aspect of how we choose to accept life. We may choose to accept life as a series of disconnected events seemingly pointing us to an end or a glorious epiphany, or we can choose to see life as a series of choices and events in which we play a very active role.

At each step and each moment, we can choose whether to accept what is before us. We can attempt to change the circumstance with which our present existence is framed, or we can live in the now, enjoying and living each moment of happiness and pain that life has to offer. And though part of us may want to judge and weigh the importance of each event that life presents, we also have the choice to see the love that is in every moment of every breath. The future is in flux, and yet so is the past. They may appear static, but life is what we can accept. And sometimes I choose to accept all of it. Can you?

Written by Sidewalk Bends

March 2, 2012 at 6:26 am

When We Were Young

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children hanging in a treeRemember me when we were young?
I am the same person you loved.

Remember me when we were innocent?
My soul knows no different.

Remember me when we used to laugh?
My heart still dances.

Remember me when we were happy?
I left my expectations behind.

Remember me when we held no secrets?
I could not judge.

Remember me when we hung on trees?
I had no care in the world.

Remember me when I was just like you?

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Sweetest Perfection

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Can you love me enough to see past my flaws?
Can you love me enough to see me through life?
Can you love me enough to let me fall?
Can you love me enough to let me pick myself up?
Can you love me enough to give me a pat on the back?
Can you love me enough to give me words of encouragement?
Can you love me enough to be yourself?

When I mope and throw a fit, I just want to be loved.
When I scream, I just want to be loved.
When I cry, I just want to be loved.
When I’m alone and hide, I just want to be loved.

I just want to be loved. Can you love me enough?

My Strength, My Joy

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One cannot begin to judge what is in another’s heart until they have seen and felt what is in their own heart. In seeing themselves they have had a glimpse at all that has ever been. In looking inward, one is able to see infinitely outward, and in looking outward, one has seen themselves written in the souls of creation. In you I have seen my faults, my inequities. In you I have seen my strength, my joy. When I have judged your faults, I have revealed my fears. For in becoming you, I face myself. Judge me no more. Walk away from me no more. See what is in my heart. See what is in your heart.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

July 15, 2011 at 4:53 am

The Sufi Way

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whirling dirvishA shepherd of men and women does not need a stick nor a lashing tongue. With his heart, he guides. He has no need to dismantle the gods of others, for he knows his place among all of creation. Superior to none, he does not dissuade those who are seen to be inferior. Blind to comparisons, he takes joy in all that is.

There is no better day, or another tomorrow; there is now. There are no loose threads, or misplaced beads; there simply is. There is no hope or regret; there is eternal acceptance. From the newest newborn to the most eldest among us, there are only wise men and women. There is no first or last and no best or worst. There is just the divine in infinite expression.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

July 15, 2011 at 4:24 am