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First Glimmer

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When we grab for the first glimmer of understanding or truth we can get our hands on, we can trip on ourselves. With our focus on one word, one phrase, one page, or one book, we have closed our eyes to an entire world. We have closed ourselves from pieces of ourselves, each with something to show. In our haste, and in our desire to be first, or to be right, it is easy to overlook what lies just beyond, or right in front of us.

Perhaps no one is to say what is right versus what is wrong, for in the end we must be able to accept what sits in our own hearts. We must be able to accept our actions or inactions, and our thoughts, both constructive and destructive. It is difficult enough to find understanding in our own thoughts and actions, let alone in the thoughts and actions of others. If we can allow others the freedom to discover themselves, then maybe one day we can find a common understanding, an understanding that was always there, but just overlooked.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

November 28, 2011 at 7:46 pm

Chasing Dreams

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child running after dreamSatisfaction is difficult to come by when we’ve allowed something to take the place of our heart. Nothing can fill a hole that digs itself deeper. Nothing can quench a thirst that sits in the sun. Nothing can please a mind that has itself convinced.

When we’re ready to stop and face ourselves, then we can see the real challenge we face. It’s not the promotion or the job. It’s not the marriage or the relationship. It’s not the salary or the bills. It’s our expectations.

It’s the expectations that we have of ourselves and of others. It’s the future we hoist above our heads and the past we try to forget. It’s the dreams we’ve swept under the rug for the sake of another. It’s all the things we thought we wanted, but didn’t know why.

When our dreams become us, have we forgotten what we’re after, or have our eyes been so set on the goal that we disregard all in our wake?

Written by Sidewalk Bends

August 4, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Be Yourself

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Be yourself in the face of ridicule. Be yourself because others cannot. Show them that there is no shame in revealing that you care. Show them that there is perfection in imperfection. Show them wisdom in silence. Show them joy in selfless giving. Show them that despite all one’s imperfections, and the negativity and pessimism that is often thrown in one’s face, that nothing can stifle love. Nothing can stifle a compassionate heart. Nothing can suffocate the truth. Nothing can extinguish loving joy.

Be yourself in all that you do. Be yourself in all that you speak, in all that you think and all that you feel. Be yourself, and give courage to those who fear the repercussions. Be yourself and free your burdens. Be yourself so that you can stop counting the score. Be yourself and be you some more.

Burying Hope

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Tree of LovePlant hope in the ground.
Don’t hide your heart.

Plant hope in the ground.
Watch it grow.

Plant hope in the ground.
Scavengers try to tear it apart.

Water it with love.
Watch it grow.

Water it with love.
Don’t need a halo.

Water it with love.
Come up from below.

Block out the sun.
Fill up the sky.

Block out the sun.
Blinding heart.

Block out the sun.
Open your eyes.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

May 13, 2011 at 6:13 am

Peaceful Attainment

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Love yourself unconditionally.
Love others unconditionally.
Seek understanding in all conflicts.
Bring unconditional love and peace to all aspects of your life.
Live in the moment.
See yourself in all of creation.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

March 16, 2011 at 11:15 pm

If Your Heart Were Truly Open

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If your heart were truly open it could never be denied. Once the doors of your heart are open, they can never be shut. Once the eyes have seen, the ears have heard, and soul has sung, it cannot be taken back. There is hate in this world, and yet all is just. There is sadness in this world, and yet all is just. There is death in this world, and yet all is just. There suffering in this world, and yet all is just. Reach further and you will experience the happiness. Reach further and you will experience the joy. Reach further and you will experience creation. Reach further and you will experience the compassion. Look inside your heart, and the world is just.

When hope comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.
When peace comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.
When love comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

February 10, 2011 at 7:56 am

Nothing Without You

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I am a feather in the wind.
I am a grain of sand in the arid desert.
I am a blade of grass in green pastures.
I am a drop of water in the deep oceans.
I am a spec in the cosmos.
I am a ray in the infinite light.
I am the compassionate heart.
I am the humbled warrior.
I am a stranger.
I am a friend.
I am your mother.
I am your father.
I am your brother.
I am your sister.
I am you on lonely nights.
I am you on joyous occasions.
I am you when the nerves run deep.
I am the light.
I am the dark.
I am the in between.
I am love.
I am peace.
I am hope.
I am harmony.

I am all of these things and yet I am nothing without you.