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Realization of Self

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Prestige, awards, honors, titles, sainthoods; These are all things that cannot be taken with us into death. Recognitions bestowed by other men serve no purpose except to buoy the confidence and egos of those lacking in self-understanding. They in turn are recognized and propagated by those also lacking in understanding of self. They rely on others to confer worth and validation, none of which can be given. The self can only be realized. Validation is but an illusion.

Once realized, everything becomes an illusion. The title or award becomes a symbol, not of achievement, but of values placed on hold. The recognition becomes a symbol not of good deeds done but of a past gone, and a present and future forgotten.

With the true realization of self, faults are no longer faults. Hate is no longer hate. Joy is no longer joy. Anger is no longer anger. Resentment is no longer resentment. That is not to say that these no longer exist. It is to say that the illusions that have defined these emotions fall aside.

These emotions are no longer at the forefront of what defines our existence and by extension, our thoughts and behaviors. When the self is realized it no longer needs to define others nor seeks validation from others, for in defining others and seeking recognition from others it is the self that is projecting its current understanding of its place within all that exists, which again is the self.

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July 11, 2013 at 5:40 am

Planting a Seed

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green light

This is dedicated to my mom who inspired this thought.

Several years ago while meditating I decided to ask God to show me Himself. I asked Him to show me what God is, and to remove any of my preconceived thoughts of God and of existence itself. I asked that any internal and external biases be removed so that I may come to understand.

As I asked this through my heart, I attempted to quiet my mind. What I experienced and what I saw I could not expect. With my eyes opened, I became blind. I could not see anything. Slowly my vision went, and everything became black. There was not even a hint of light. With my ears straining to hear any voice or sound, I could hear nothing. The buzzing of the street lights disappeared and the distant traffic became non-existent to my ears. I had become deaf. Next my racing mind seemed to pause. All thoughts sank away. Not even an image or random thought had crossed my mind. It was quiet, yet at the same time I was all too aware that it was quiet. It was not overwhelming. I was peace.

Not a worry had occupied me. As I became aware of this emptiness, this lack of sensation, I began to see a tunnel in my mind’s eye. At the end or perhaps it was the beginning, I saw what appeared to be a green light, beckoning, almost like a cocoon. With that, I began to hear again and I began to see again. The image had disappeared and thoughts came flooding back.

At the time this occurred, I thought I had understood what happened. I thought I knew what God or perhaps my inner self was trying to tell me. I found solace in this quietness, this communion of sorts. And yet today I found myself seeing more understanding in this experience. I found God to be everything, and at the same time I found God to be nothing. I found God to be peace, inner peace, a choice seemingly made by me, but not entirely by me. Perhaps like a seed in our heart, God is there waiting to be nurtured, waiting to show us our true selves, our true potential.

What or who is God to you?


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circlesThere is no inner circle and no outer circle. They are one in the same. There is no circle.

There are no boundaries. There are no upper heavens or lower heavens. All that we wish to know is before us and not beyond some veiled mystery. There is no center or edge, for all exists equally. There is no rising above or sinking below for all that stands in our way is ourselves. We cannot ascend past our selves, but we can choose to accept all aspects that make us complete. We cannot surpass infinite expression, or fall short of its mark, for we are creation expressing itself.

When we turn inward, we also turn outward. Whether we choose to accept ourselves in pieces or fully embrace that which is, the result is the same. There is no time lost, or missed. There is awareness and understanding. Whether one decides to take the long road or the short one, there are no questions asked for the difference in the two is none.

Let not words separate. Let not our fears divide. Let no limitation become you. Let no disturbance become a hindrance.

Building a Mystery

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What if man was never meant to understand how genes are passed from one person to their offspring? What if man was never meant to understand the movement of the stars? What if man was never meant to understand gravity or the nature of the universe? What if all of these things were distractions? Entire lifetimes are spent trying to understand the things that mankind has placed above all others.

It is true man has found ways to increase his lifespan. It is true man has found ways to live a life that is seemingly more comfortable, but for what purpose? What purpose is there in a longer life if it is less full? What purpose is there if all we do is distract ourselves from all that truly matters? Our relationships are damaged, people are suffering and dying everyday, and yet we continue to lose ourselves in the distractions we have created for ourselves.

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December 9, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Pursuit of Knowledge

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universeThe pursuit of knowledge and technology does not bring a person closer to the truth. Understanding how stars are formed, how sound travels and light is emitted does not bring a person closer to the truth. Experiencing telepathy, seeing spirits and having fantastical dreams does not bring a person closer to the truth. It is true that guidance comes in many forms, but how far must we look before we come back to ourselves? How many texts must we uncover before returning to the language of love? How deep into the ocean or far into space must we travel before we look into the mirror? How many ancient religions and prophecies must we study before we decide to live for today?

Perhaps what is lost is lost for a reason. Perhaps what is hidden is hidden for a reason. Perhaps what is unknown is unknown for a reason. Perhaps the pursuit of knowledge is nothing more than a pursuit of distractions, for all that we need is all before us, in everyone and in everything.

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November 28, 2009 at 6:27 pm

All That We Are

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If our spirit and soul are as important as we believe them to be, then why would we leave anything to chance? If our spirit and our soul is all that we are and all who we are, then why would we allow ourselves to be swayed by those who may not have our best interest at hand? Why would we allow another to convince us of anything? If the truth is the truth, would one need convincing? If our hearts were in the right place, would it need to be told twice?

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November 26, 2009 at 4:48 am

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The Wise Are Confused

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Nelson Mandela 1990Even among the wise there is confusion. Even among the learned there is dismay. Even among the pious there is greed. Why is it we hold others to a standard we ourselves cannot keep? Why is it we would trust those who cannot trust themselves? Why is it we would hold the word of one person above all others? Surely if God is God, He would make Himself known to us in a way each and every individual could understand. Cannot the foolish know love? Cannot the uneducated know love? Cannot even the wicked know love? None comes before another for we are all in this together. Listen not to me, for even I can be confused. Listen to the wisdom of your heart.

Turn Yourself Around

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u-turnWhen you bend your will to that of others, have you not compromised your own heart? Have you not given way to the restless mind? Penalties and judgments in this world are just that, penalties and judgments in this world. This is a temporary life and yet we make every decision to please the dictates of this life. We would bend our will for the support of others even if we knew it was the wrong way. We would bend our will to the laws of this life, even if in reality we were not answerable to those laws. You can try to shape the opinions of who you are and what you do, but your intent is always known.

What is your reputation worth if you do not lay it on the line? What is your money worth if it sits in a bank? What are your kind words worth if they stop at your mouth? What are your actions worth if they don’t get off the ground? There is only now, so if you are looking for tomorrow, or for yesterday, turn yourself around, and do not let the will of your heart be subdued any longer.

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October 10, 2009 at 7:15 am

All a Dream

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I have seen a glimpse of my future, and yet it is not my future. I have seen a glimpse of my life and yet it is not my life. Is it a warning? Is it a test? Is it what is to become? All of these questions I have asked and yet none of them matter so much as, can I trust? Can I trust that what is planned for me is for the best? Can I trust that what is to come does not matter so much as how I choose to live, how we choose to live? The answers to these questions, I do not know. All that I do know is I can either trust, or I can wallow in vein. I can trust, or I can eat myself alive with a worry so punishing I will wish it were all a dream. And yet, it was – all a dream.

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October 10, 2009 at 7:13 am

Truth Divine

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Wisdom does not come from words. It does not come from having an education or by having degrees. It does not come from the ability to speak eloquently or the ability to entice others. Wisdom comes from the divine. It comes from living the truth. It comes from an open heart. It comes from an open mind. It comes from sharing a love so great, it cannot be contained even within our own soul. It is the spark of thought. It is the cadence of words, the cadence of our spirit. It is all of these brought together as a truth shared among those who wish to hear it, speak it and live it. Wisdom is truth divine.

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September 24, 2009 at 5:39 pm