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Transitory Experience

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Much like death, life is a transitory experience. The lines that separate life, death and the “next life” are blurred at best, marked by tears of misunderstanding and memories as blurred as the lives they separate. Memories become placeholders, but more importantly they become lessons, not just for this life but for all of whom you would share your life.

Each life, each soul, not only becomes a library of lessons but a testament of the divine for we are all witness to the divine in every waking and no(n/w) waking moment. We are witness to the divine unfolding.


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July 11, 2013 at 5:44 am

Long Suffering

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The words I could not say…

We love you.

We will miss you.

Forever in our hearts there will be a place for you.

We miss your company and yet you have not gone.

We miss your smile and yet you have not stopped smiling.

We miss your guidance and yet you have never stopped guiding.

We miss your warmth and yet your light shines ever brighter.

Go in peace, but never too far away.

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May 26, 2012 at 8:57 am

One Heart, One Soul

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Remember love instead of deep anguish. Remember what made you whole rather than the things that tear you apart. Do not try to capture the past, or dwell on the things you wish could be, but live now. Do not try to change those around you, but instead allow them to be who they are. Share yourself freely, without want for how another should be. Allow others to make their choice even if that choice should lead one to a dark place. For in making their own choice, they are able to accept the outcomes. And in accepting the outcomes they can forge their own path, a new path. But until you can allow another to walk on their own, they will never know freedom.

No matter how long you travel a path with another person, you are no more defined by them as they are of you. Your choice is your choice. Your path is your path. At each moment it can be remade. At each moment it can be extended. At each moment another road can be explored. And at each moment you can decide that there is no path, and that there is only you. In accepting you, you may see how each choice, each action, each thought, affects all of existence; one heart, one soul.

Rushing Toward the Light

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crack of lightIf you see a crack of light, do not run towards it, for you are already there.
If someone promises enlightenment, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.
If someone promises the heavens, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.

No one can promise anything to you that you have not already accepted.

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February 10, 2011 at 8:10 am

Eternal Soul

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walking into the lightThere are some who are eager for this life to end. They imagine riches, beautiful women, and a fantastical paradise awaiting them behind some veiled existence. Some see the next life as a reward for the things done in this life, while others see it as a natural progression of existence. For others still, some believe that all the mysteries of the world, seen and unseen, will be revealed to them, as if death in and of itself were some great epiphany. But what if none of these things were true? What if there were no riches and no virgins, or acres of green pastures awaiting us? What if enlightenment and the understanding of all that was, was not something that came automatically? What if peace remained a choice, just as it is now in this life? Would we hasten death’s door? Would we continue to damn this life, hoping that the next would bring something greater?

Rather than being so quick to judge this life, and to dismiss all that it brings, perhaps it is time to look closer. There is no guarantee in death. There is no guarantee of a next life or another life. And though we may think we know what is to come, perhaps what is around the corner is also right in front of us. Peace is now. Understanding is now. Love is now. Life is now. We are now, and yet the soul is eternal.

Live in the Stillness

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stillnessIt is true that the amount of things we can learn in this life are infinite. It is also true that with each experience, and with each moment, our perceptions of our life and the world around us changes. Though some may take enjoyment in new challenges or learning new things, there is peace even among the distractions. Peace and stillness are not just in the afterlife. They are here and now in each and every one of us.

Even among the destruction, the distractions and the chaos of our fast-paced world, there is peace. And though our pursuit of knowledge might convince us that enlightenment rests in the wealth of knowledge that is available, sometimes at our finger tips, it rests not in the intellect but in our heart. It rests in knowing that despite our self-perceived worries, and self-perceived thoughts of the truth, there is love. There is death in this world, and yet there is still love. There is anger and hate by some, and yet there is still love. There is confusion and yet there is still love.

Although some might question the wisdom of love, and the power by which it grants us peace, it is always here. It’s not waiting in the afterlife or with one specific person. It’s in every one of us. It is what breathes life into us and what guides us each step of the way. It is there in life and it is there in death. Live in the stillness. Live in love.

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May 14, 2010 at 5:22 am

Lost No More

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We are lost only as long as it takes us to love our self.
We are lost only as long as it takes us to understand we are loved.
We are lost only as long as it takes us to realize that the Creator loves us all.

We are found in the compassion of others.
We are found in the memories of the past.
We are found in the love of all whom would hold us dear.

Live in the laughter.
Live in the joy.
Live in the moment.
Live knowing that this life is not all there is.

Lost no more.