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Invite Others into Your Home

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Invite them into your home. Invite others into your heart. Do not close the door. Open the gates wide that they should be welcomed with open arms. Do not close the shutters and hide yourself away. Celebrate! Celebrate as if a marching band is marching through your living room.

Take notice in the joy,  and dwell not on each one’s imperfections. Worry not about what path they have on but instead journey together. Bring others into your home and take notice.

Come down from the roof tops and take notice.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

August 2, 2013 at 5:44 am

How to Keep a Smile

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A smile.Expect nothing of others, let alone oneself. Each person, each creature is an individual with their own needs and desires. What may seemingly be right for one may not be right for all, or even for ourselves in another moment in time.

Take each moment as it comes and treat every experience as a new one. Treat each interaction, whether it is with a stranger, someone you love or even with someone with whom you do not normally get along, as if it were the first interaction. Do not become a stranger but rather walk with an open mind and heart that you may always walk away with God’s or the universe’s best intentions realized.

Do not condemn before giving life and others a chance. Do not walk in blindness. Open the eyes of your soul that you may see the light of life in every being and in all that you do.

The Deer

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deer constellationWhen you stare at the darkness of night, what do you see? Do you see specks of light dotting the sky? Do you see your future changing before your eyes? Do you see incubators of life in the far distance? Do you see the past staring back with a glimmer? Do you see the constellations come to life?

See existence with an open heart and an open spirit, and see the stars as they were meant to be. See the life that courses through them. See them dance and sing in concert. See them shine and glow like you have seen no star before. See them come to life, in the symphony of your heart. Feel the love that courses through your being, and experience life as you have never experienced it.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

April 11, 2011 at 7:32 pm

Snake Oil Salesman

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salesmanSpare not the truth, lest you should deny it yourself. Sometimes it is not your choice as to what others are to learn. We serve as teachers for each other, wittingly and sometimes unwittingly. We can choose to avoid situations that may cause discomfort, anxiety or anger in another person, but what will come to be, will be. In choosing a path of avoidance, we are sometimes presented with a lever that only quickens the inevitable. This lever does not remove free will. It simply pressures your hand. What you choose in that moment will affect not only the immediate circumstance, but all circumstances to follow, for you and for those you wish to spare. Avoidance, for the sake of avoidance is not love. It is denial wrapped in the guise of love. Love is honesty. Love is understanding that what one has to offer may not always be accepted. Love is understanding that although some may turn their back on you today, that others will come to understand another day. Love is being there when that day comes. Open the door to your heart, but do not slam it when someone decides to choose another path.

If Your Heart Were Truly Open

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If your heart were truly open it could never be denied. Once the doors of your heart are open, they can never be shut. Once the eyes have seen, the ears have heard, and soul has sung, it cannot be taken back. There is hate in this world, and yet all is just. There is sadness in this world, and yet all is just. There is death in this world, and yet all is just. There suffering in this world, and yet all is just. Reach further and you will experience the happiness. Reach further and you will experience the joy. Reach further and you will experience creation. Reach further and you will experience the compassion. Look inside your heart, and the world is just.

When hope comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.
When peace comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.
When love comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

February 10, 2011 at 7:56 am

Without Judgment

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There will be many who claim things to be impossible. They will claim prior knowledge from past experiences or shared conversations. They may even mock and ridicule you for the things you say or do. Mind them not for what is in your heart is in your heart. What is in your soul is in your soul. Offer yourself as you are, without fear of recrimination. Offer that which is available for all to know, without prejudice. Offer the truth without judgment. Offer it without want for outcome. We are all reservoirs of knowledge. Created from the same breath, we are a divine expression. Take solace in being you for it should not be any other way. Although some may speak unkindly, and some may try to impede, they do nothing but hinder themselves. Walk the path of your heart for it should not be any other way.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

June 11, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Open Your Heart to the Multitude

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Jesus feeds the multitude
You cannot ask for guidance and then when it comes turn your back on what is shown.
You cannot ask for guidance and then pretend it never came.

Open your heart that you should see the message.
Open your heart that you should hear the truth.
Open your heart that you should speak up against injustice.
Open your heart that you will forgive yourself.
Open your heart that you will be at peace.
Open your heart that you will feel loving grace.
Open your heart that you would hold nothing above another.
Open your heart that you would recognize love.
Open your heart that you would embrace your brothers and sisters.

Open your heart to the multitude.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 11, 2009 at 6:09 am

Power of Love

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power of loveIf your heart were completely open, would you allow it to flow, no matter what you felt, what you saw, what you experienced? Would you be scared by what you were shown? Would you run back to the safety of your mind? What if it took you on a trip, a trip you could not have imagined would have ever existed? Would you wish it away, or would you run straight toward it?

Would you wish away love? Would you hide it behind closed doors? Would you deny yourself a happiness no one could take away? Why are we so afraid of love? Why are we afraid of loving others, afraid of loving ourselves? Why are we afraid of something so great it cannot be wrapped by words? Why are we afraid of knowing who we are? Why are we afraid?

It’s okay to love. It’s okay to be loved. We love you.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

November 26, 2009 at 6:45 am