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Stoning the Devil

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Hajj - Stoning the DevilWhen we stone the devil, are we not in fact stoning ourselves? We each make choices in our lives. Surely we are guided and influenced in many directions, but ultimately we make our own choices. We make our own decisions, good or bad. We are who we are, not because of the devil or because someone has forced us into becoming who we have become.

At every step, whether we have been enveloped in love, or subjected to hate, we can choose how we decide to walk away from a situation. We can choose to nourish our hearts, or feed the disdain. We can spend our time ridiculing others, be it the devil, or someone who might seem different to our own sensibilities, but we must ask if this truly brings us closer to the divine. Do we shine brighter, or are we in reality tarnishing our own soul?

We each have much to offer, even if we can’t quite understand the person or the devil beside us. So we can spend our time contemplating someone else’s ill thoughts and behaviors, or we can work to improve our own. Ridicule and hate can never bring love and peace. They can only be stifled until we are ready to truly accept them.

Set down the stone, and remember the true strength it takes to put it down, and share it.

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October 26, 2012 at 9:35 pm

Infidels! Terrorists! Extremists!

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“Infidels! Terrorists! Extremists!” These are the words being spewed from men and women alike, claiming to believe in God, claiming to live by the guidance set forth by God. How can any of us call ourselves children of God if all we do is try to claim our superiority over others. Does our religion really make us that much better? Does the brand of our religion really make us any different from the next person? No one has the right to judge anyone’s ability to gain entrance into a heaven they cannot even begin to understand? Is it not God who shall judge each individual, and God alone? if God is the only judge, then what does it matter to you, that another person should choose another path? Are you afraid their path is better? Perhaps you are both lost, or perhaps you are both right? How do you know?

You may claim that the Bible tells you what is the truth, or that the Quran, or the Torah tells you the truth, but what of their authors? Would you trust your soul to a person who is long gone? Some would say that those who have written such texts were guided by God, but who are you really trusting? Are you trusting your priest, the imam, rabbi, or even your parents? Are they not all human, fallible in every way? If God can guide them, who is to say He cannot also guide you? Can we not all look to God for guidance directly? Man would have others come to him for he sees nothing but himself. Seek not in others what you can seek in yourself.


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Minarets are no more a symbol of extremist Islam, than church bells are a symbol of extremist Christianity. We see what we choose to see. Our fears drive us to seclusion. You cannot call yourself a Christian and then hide in church. You cannot call yourself a Muslim and then hide inside a mosque. You cannot call yourself a Jew and then hide in a synagogue. We cannot be close to God/Allah and then build walls that separate us from all others. We cannot be close to God/Allah and then call ourselves the chosen. God is at your doorstep, would you turn him away?

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November 29, 2009 at 5:45 pm

Three Little Words

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Archangel MichaelI cannot stop writing and I do not know why. A friend asked me to write and all that was said to me were three words. I thought about these words and all that I could think of is, we do it to ourselves. We do it to ourselves. Today the world seems chaotic. Some say it always has been, but we are just more aware of it because we are bombarded by the media. We all see ourselves spiraling towards some future we do not know. Some of us can see the poor decisions our nation’s leaders may make. We see the infighting and we ask ourselves why they can’t behave better. They are like children. We see the wars and the hate between Muslims and Jews, between Muslims and Christians, and between Christians and Jews, and we ask ourselves why they can’t behave better. They are like children. We are quick to spot the errors in other people’s ways, and yet we fail to look at our own short comings.

We are in this together, you and I. We share this world. We may never meet. You may never even know my name, and yet we still share this world. You might think my words ramble or that I am a foolish person who has gone out of his mind. That may be so, but we still share more than most will ever realize. This life is much more than our actions. It is our thoughts. It is our feelings. It is our past and it is our future. Others may destroy this world, but they alone will not answer for their actions. We all will answer. We all will answer because we are in this together. Whether by choice or by fate, we are in this together.

Divide and Conquer.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

November 26, 2009 at 6:31 am

Divided We Fall

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The world is divided. We are divided based on the country we choose to pay homage. We are divided based on our language and our culture. We are divided based on our religion. We are divided by what we choose to call God/Allah. We are divided by the wants of our mind and our heart. We are divided and yet we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

We choose sides and yet we have no idea what side it is that we really play on. We say we follow God’s laws, and yet we would honor our country before we would honor God. We say we are good Christians, Muslims, or Jews, and yet we would hold our prophets above God Himself. We say we are obedient children and yet we squabble over the scraps of a world full of illusions. We claim that we are without want except for God’s love, and yet we pray to the mighty dollar. We say in God we trust, but only when times get rough. We are divided and yet we have no one else to blame but ourselves.