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Looking for Oracles

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If you spend your time looking for oracles you will find them. If you spend your time looking for confirmation, you will find it. If you spend your time looking for pain and destruction, you will find those too. Look hard enough and you will find most anything. The question is, is what we seek merely a distraction? Is what we seek even good for us? Does knowing the reason behind something always matter? Finding explanations that match our preconceived notions of how the world should work or how others should behave doesn’t necessarily make for a better life.

We can search for the things we think will make us happy, but if it’s not really the truth, or if it distracts us from a greater love, or a greater happiness, what have we done? Have we wasted our time? Some will say “No,” because at least we will have traveled a path to tell us what not to do, but those paths can be infinite? Yes, those experiences give us perspective, but we must also ask ourselves, how far do we want to sink before we will put up our heads to breathe?

It’s not necessary to suffocate ourselves before we are ready to accept what life has to offer us, even if it’s not quite what we expected. Try to find peace, and we are met with road blocks. Try to find love, and we put conditions on how that love should be given and received. Try to help others, and we hold it against a person if they are not ready for the help.

Perhaps if we could just learn to appreciate what comes in life, we will be able to see all the blessings that have been bestowed on us. There won’t be that need to complain about the aching back, the weather that isn’t quite perfect enough, or the lack of sleep from a mind that endlessly worries about what to do next. We can either spend our time searching for oracles or we can enjoy life.

Rushing Toward the Light

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crack of lightIf you see a crack of light, do not run towards it, for you are already there.
If someone promises enlightenment, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.
If someone promises the heavens, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.

No one can promise anything to you that you have not already accepted.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

February 10, 2011 at 8:10 am

Don’t Follow Me

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LIFE Magazine: cliff

photo: LIFE Magazine

I like to walk on cliffs. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk in quick sand. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk the narrowest path. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk a crooked line. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk through fire. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to play with the other side. Be careful, don’t follow me.

If you can see past the illusion, come walk with me.
If you can put aside our differences, come walk with me.
If you can cast aside your doubt, come walk with me.
If you can understand, shhh. Come walk with me.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

February 2, 2011 at 11:16 pm

Sowing Confusion

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sowing seedsIt serves no purpose to search for the truth if when you hear it you disregard it. It serves no purpose to search for the truth if when you find it; you turn it into something else. So many claim to know love. So many claim to understand. So many claim to accept others. So many claim to walk a path of peace. Yet despite all of this, the truth is bastardized to serve the purpose of fragile egos.

A person can be told the truth and the answer to all of life, but if one only chooses to listen with their mind, they do nothing to nourish their heart. Lost to the mind, a message need not travel farther than the original recipient before it is wrapped in confusion. Listen ye, for you need not look further than your own heart for the truth. It lay not in any book, nor in any one person, but is in everyone and everything. Look no further than your own heart for the truth, and speak not of absolutes lest you are absolute. Judge not the path of others lest you have walked in their shoes for surely all paths lead to One.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

May 16, 2010 at 6:01 am

The Answer is a Simple One

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To me the answer is a simple one. It is love. My belief and understanding of love is one in which there are no levels. To me love is unconditional. The difference comes down to thinking we know something versus understanding it and living it. So although the answer may be a simple one, living it is not so easy. We all have different motives. Sometimes we come from a place of pure intent and other times we do not. Learning to recognize that, I believe, is part of the challenge of this life. One would think that if love was so simple, everyone could follow it, but again I believe it comes down to knowing versus understanding.

We can tell ourselves that we love someone no matter what, but the moment we see something we disagree with, we chastise them. Some would call this “tough love,” but I call it judgment. The same goes with looking at ourselves and our own self-worth. One would think it would be easy to love ourselves. After all, if anyone is going to be on our side, it would be ourselves. But as many know, it doesn’t always come so easy. Many are tough on themselves, setting expectation after expectation. But where do these expectations come from? Since when must there be stipulations before we can accept ourselves?

And so every day is a reminder. It is a reminder not only of how much we are loved, but of how we should love, and treat ourselves and others. Love is not measured in cups or hugs. It just is.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

April 14, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Seeing Eye to Eye

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Having a firm belief in something doesn’t necessarily make something true. Life is often left up to interpretation, with each of us making our own decisions as to what to believe. Some find themselves on the same road, while some find themselves standing all on their own. But which way does the scale lean? Should a belief carry more weight just because there are others to pat your back and say, “Bravo, this must surely be the way,” or should the person who stands by them self have an equal say? After all, most people tend to rely on what is told to them by others, or what has been written in history books or religious texts. Which people should be trusted? Which texts are more valid? With all these resources, surely one of them or a few of them must be right? How can one determine which is the right choice? Some say it is a matter of the intellect, and still others say it is a matter of the heart or gut intuition. But again, how does one know they are using their mind, or their intuition?

In an age where information flows so freely, or perhaps more freely than it ever has in the history of man, perhaps we are looking to the wrong resources? Perhaps the answers are not to be told by any one person or from any one book? Perhaps life’s answers do not only rest in the advice from friends and strangers, or from voices from the past, but also in our own life experiences? Perhaps life’s answers are with us at every step, always evolving and taking shape, but never really changing completely? Regardless of where we decide to look, even if it is deep within ourselves, we must all make that choice on our own. We may each think we are choosing different paths, and we may think we are alone when we make those choices, but there is always a guiding voice. Sometimes seeing eye to eye does not mean agreeing on something, but it means accepting someone for who they are.

7 Billion

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7 billion peopleThere are nearly 7 billion people in this world. There are several major religions and thousands more beliefs. Each claim to be correct, and yet how can they all be right? We look for differences and there are many. We look for similarities and there are few. And though those similarities are few, we would choose to look passed them. Why is that? Are we so confident with our beliefs that we would disregard the experiences and the lives of all those who we share this existence with? How can we be so confident? Surely among us, there are those who know? Do you choose to listen to those whose thoughts are in line with your own, or do you allow yourself to listen with an open mind, spirit and heart? When you hear or read the truth, how will you know? Will it announce itself, or will you feel it so deep down within the very core of your existence that you can no longer deny it? There are nearly 7 billion people in this world and yet we act as though we were the only one.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

November 26, 2009 at 4:11 am