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Fullest Potential

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To help another realize their fullest potential is to help understand our own potential. In order to progress through life there are many who believe that they must put another down. Some believe that in order to succeed that others must fail and that for there to be a winner there must also be a loser. Winners and those who succeed by whatever means are placed on pedestals, while those who struggle to play the game that society has built up so well, are relegated to the outskirts of society.

We have names for them. Sometimes it’s a racial slur. Sometimes it’s a religious slur. Sometimes it’s a putdown against one’s mental acuity, but always it’s a derogatory term meant to cause harm. We teach our children these ideas and these hurtful words, and yet we expect them to be loving and caring people. We make comments under our breath about perceived slights and then we wonder why our children repeat the same slurs.

Rather than trying to place ourselves above others, or to treat life as if it were some contest, what if we decided to help others reach their fullest potential? What if reaching our own potential was not at odds with helping another? Would you be more apt to help? Would you stop what you were doing even if it meant slowing down? Perhaps we can help each other reach our potential.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

June 14, 2011 at 4:52 am

Fighting Resentment

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resentmentHow much can we give of ourselves before we break? How much is too much? Is there such a thing as too much when we are all here to help one another? Does it make us selfish to take a step back; even if that means someone we are trying to help sinks back as well? Are the fruits of our actions more important than the intent, or does our desire to do good outweigh any consequence?

Often times when we help someone, we want so much for another person to change, or a given outcome, that when that change does not come, we become resentful. We become resentful that we put our efforts and energy into something that was not accepted. We become resentful that our words were not heard. We become resentful that what was heard or accepted was not fully on the mark. We become resentful that what was supposed to be easy was made more difficult.

Perhaps the lesson is not just for the person to be had, but for us. If we truly gave freely, would there be a need to see a desired outcome? If we truly wanted what was best for another person, would we not allow that person to seek understanding in the best way possible for them, even if we do not understand the reasons ourselves? If we truly sought the best for another person, would we not stop measuring the benefits to ourselves? To give freely, is to love without condition. To love without condition is to have compassion and understanding in the face of suffering.

The Middle Path

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Middle Road by Margarita GeorgiadisWe can ask others for a way out, but until we are ready to accept what our heart has to offer, no gem of truth will see its weight in gold. Until we can learn to accept what we know to be right, we will continue to wander and seek a path deeper into a forest of confusion that we create. When we hold our thumbs up as if to measure ourselves against another, we might as well chop off that thumb, for we measure ourselves against that which we do not know. Seeking the middle path is not always the same as seeking a path of understanding, for in seeking the middle path, we may compromise ourselves while at the same time turning our back on others. Fight not the rushing river. Scale not the steep cliffs. Seek a road to your heart. Seek a road to understanding.

painting credit: Middle Road by Margarita Georgiadis

Spiritual Guidance and Chat

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If you are seeking spiritual guidance or advice, or would just like to discuss spirituality even as it pertains to different belief systems, please join us in chat. All beliefs and opinions shall be respected. Please note that users may have beliefs contrary to your own. We encourage everyone to share their path. This venue is free to all and does not require any membership. Come as you will. Share as you will.

When the Sea is on Fire, Love Enough

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sea of fireIf a person does not ask for help, can they be saved? Do they need to be saved? Who or what do they need to be saved from? So many suffer and yet they think they must go it alone. No one truly suffers alone, for what affects one affects us all. But when is it our place to step in? When is it okay to take the choice of another person so that they can avoid a perceived pitfall? Is it ever okay to take another’s choice away? Perhaps that is not our job. Perhaps that is not anyone’s job. We are each given a life, and we are each given the opportunity to make choices in that life based on what we feel is best for us. And though we might never make the choices that others have made in their life, who are we to say our way is a better way, or our way is the way? Should not each person, each soul, be allowed to choose? Even if that choice leads to hurt, or to anger, should we not love enough, to allow someone to enter back into our life when they’re ready to return? Should we not love enough to keep the door open? Should we not love enough, to be ourselves, to allow others to be themselves?

One Choice

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It has been said that angels have freewill. They make choices as we do, but we never hear about them having guides. Could it be perhaps because their guide is God? Some might say that angels have to obey God, but I’m sure many have heard about the rebellion of angels who followed Lucifer. They made their choice, perhaps not knowing what the repercussions or punishment might be. We might now be asking ourselves, if angels do not have guides why are they so loving in their nature, or we might wonder why those who have not strayed, do not stray. Could it be that in seeing the truth and in living the truth, they realize what is lost or can be lost? Could it be that when your heart/spiritual heart has felt the love that exists everywhere and in everything, that there is really only One choice. Sure, one could shun this choice, but for what purpose? If you could be connected to all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be, why would anyone want to be removed from this feeling? Perhaps wonderment/temptation drives us to ask, and in making that choice to turn our backs, we turn our backs and forget what it’s like to be loved and to love. When that love is missing, or rather when we choose to not see it, we do all we can to get to back to that state of bliss.

We look to others to see what they have done. Some claim to be at peace at yet behind closed doors their life is in turmoil. Others may speak about peace and preach love, but behind closed doors they count the coffers. Still others may appear to be in a serene state of mind, while in reality, they fight back the fear that creeps from within. Still others, live their lives going about their daily business, but they love. They share the joy they have experienced in this life with those they meet. They smile, they stop to offer assistance when they can, they speak no ill will towards others, they spread joy, and all the while we look pass these people. Why is that? We’re all in the same boat after all, trying to learn, trying to figure out who we are.

So who are we going to listen to, someone who had their chance to make their own choices and who now wishes to make those choices through others, or are we going to start listening to our own hearts? When you are asked why you made your choices, are you going to say it was because a guide told you it was the best way, or are you going to say it was because you felt it was right at the time? Were you listening to the influences of your mind, or did you allow yourself to feel through your heart?

Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 12, 2009 at 5:59 pm

Blue Flashing Lights

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blue flashing police lightsThe blue lights will keep flashing until you listen to what you are told. You will hear what you are meant to hear in a way YOU will understand. Just because you hear it from someone you don’t like or from a stranger does not discount what you are told. The truth is the truth, regardless of where it comes from. Even if you don’t think you understand, you will be told in more ways than one until you do. You don’t have to accept it, but you do have to hear it. That is the choice we are all given. Once you understand the consequences of anything you are told, that is, once you understand the truth, you are held responsible. This is the truth as I hear it. This is the truth as I tell it. Now it’s up to you.