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Be You

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Do not judge or allow yourself to be judged. No one person knows more than another chooses to know or not know. Know your intent, and worry not about the intent of another, lest you let another live or dictate your life. Be as you are, not what you dream yourself to be, or what society, family or friends have deemed appropriate. Your life is not measured by those who necessarily agree with you or like you, but by how you choose to live your life. It is not measured by time, wealth, or stature, but by your tears, your compassion, and your actions. It is measured by the love you give and the love you share. Live your life, but not in the shadow or expectations of others. Live it because it is you. Be you.


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July 27, 2012 at 6:56 pm

The Sufi Way

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whirling dirvishA shepherd of men and women does not need a stick nor a lashing tongue. With his heart, he guides. He has no need to dismantle the gods of others, for he knows his place among all of creation. Superior to none, he does not dissuade those who are seen to be inferior. Blind to comparisons, he takes joy in all that is.

There is no better day, or another tomorrow; there is now. There are no loose threads, or misplaced beads; there simply is. There is no hope or regret; there is eternal acceptance. From the newest newborn to the most eldest among us, there are only wise men and women. There is no first or last and no best or worst. There is just the divine in infinite expression.

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July 15, 2011 at 4:24 am

Fullest Potential

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To help another realize their fullest potential is to help understand our own potential. In order to progress through life there are many who believe that they must put another down. Some believe that in order to succeed that others must fail and that for there to be a winner there must also be a loser. Winners and those who succeed by whatever means are placed on pedestals, while those who struggle to play the game that society has built up so well, are relegated to the outskirts of society.

We have names for them. Sometimes it’s a racial slur. Sometimes it’s a religious slur. Sometimes it’s a putdown against one’s mental acuity, but always it’s a derogatory term meant to cause harm. We teach our children these ideas and these hurtful words, and yet we expect them to be loving and caring people. We make comments under our breath about perceived slights and then we wonder why our children repeat the same slurs.

Rather than trying to place ourselves above others, or to treat life as if it were some contest, what if we decided to help others reach their fullest potential? What if reaching our own potential was not at odds with helping another? Would you be more apt to help? Would you stop what you were doing even if it meant slowing down? Perhaps we can help each other reach our potential.


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June 14, 2011 at 4:52 am

Desert Light

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flame in the desertDo not turn your back on love. When all seems lost, and you are walking in the desert aimlessly seeking a way out, do not turn your back on love. Do not follow the haphazard as they flee into the night. Do not turn your back on those who would only show a way out. Do not turn your back on those who would only remind you of what is possible.

Hold your chin up and remember who you are. Hold your chin up and remember the love inside. Hold your chin up and enjoy what is all around. Worry not about those who would proclaim doom. Worry not about those who have run in fear. Worry not about the desert night. Follow the guiding light of your heart.


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Lord BuddhaA teacher is not measured by the number of students under his guidance or the number of devotees who seek his tutelage. He is not measured by how many masters he has guided or how long he has taught. He is not measured by the brilliance of his aura or the number of pages he’s written. He is not measured by the words that spill from his mouth, or the clarity of his visions. He is not a measure of the angels who keep him company or the devils who lay in wait.

A true teacher does not seek to be known but seeks to know. He sees himself in others and wishes only that others should see themselves. A teacher does not take over another’s burdens but helps others to put theirs down. A teacher does not try to convert but allows for choice. A teacher does not force capitulation, but waits with an open door. A teacher does not seek out students, but seeks to learn from they who would call themselves students.

A teacher is a measure of his heart. He is a measure of his love. When his love is unconditional, he is immeasurable.

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March 14, 2011 at 7:22 pm

Set Them Free

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black sheepA true shepherd knows when to gather the flock. He knows when one is lost or chooses to wander. He knows when it is time to let the flock go and to explore on their own. The shepherd knows that each individual may choose their own path, and that no matter how far they wander, they will come back when the time is right. And if they do not come back, he will know he has done his job, for the lost becomes the found, and chooses to lead on their own.

To be a teacher means knowing when to step back. It means understanding that not all that is taught will be accepted. It means allowing for choice. It means allowing for freedom. It means love despite frustration. It is understanding that the student does not belong to the teacher but is only with the teacher for temporary care. It is patience in the face of denial and refusal. It is loving guidance in the cries of despair.

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March 14, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Spiritual Guidance and Chat

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If you are seeking spiritual guidance or advice, or would just like to discuss spirituality even as it pertains to different belief systems, please join us in chat. All beliefs and opinions shall be respected. Please note that users may have beliefs contrary to your own. We encourage everyone to share their path. This venue is free to all and does not require any membership. Come as you will. Share as you will.