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All Are Loved

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The hateful shall be hateful. The loving shall be loving. And all will be loved. Do not hate those who cannot understand. Do not spite those for whom peace has graced their life for the hateful shall be hateful and the loving shall be loving.

Do you not make another as you have become for peace and love find it’s way to each differently. Allow not your lessons to be another’s lessons lest they wish them to be. Foster understanding not by forcing your way but by allowing another to find their own way.

Do not foster resentment when another has failed to understand your path for it is on their path that their lessons are born. Instead be compassionate for all are loved.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

June 29, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Water Rises

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If you are standing in the middle of a road and all paths disappear, do not fret. If water rises from the ground and all roads melt into one, do not fret. If your tracks get swept away and everything in front of you looks the same as in back of you, do not fret. All paths become one eventually.

Late or in a rush, all paths become one. Do not run frantic to find the start or meet its end, for you are already there. Stuck in a crowd or out on a limb, do not panic for you are already there. Enjoy this fluid life. It sets no boundaries. This is not a contradiction, just something to the mind, it does not please.

In this life we hold so dear,
We are most captivated by our fear.

If but once we could let go,
We could see what this life truly has to show.

So worry not anymore,
Enjoy this existence like never before.

Photo Finish

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Whether one is given a head start, one leaves with the pack, or one is last out of the gate, we arrive at our destination of understanding at the same time. Although we may look around and say, “This one is foolish. They do not know what they are doing,” or “This one is wise. Look at how much they understand,” neither has a leg up on the other. When we focus our energies and our efforts on trying to bring down another or lift another, we expect to see results.

Rather than expecting results, perhaps our energy would best be spent allowing another to understand themselves, while trying to also understand ourselves. When we focus on the iniquities of others, we do nothing but build resentment for others while at the same time distracting from those things that hold us back. There is no race or time by which all will be lost, or that all needs to be learned. There is simply now.

In living now and accepting what comes now, we remove the burdens of our wants and expectations. We remove the worries of defeat and loss. We remove ideas of denial and guilt. We remove all the things that prevent us from being our true selves.

One Heart, One Soul

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Remember love instead of deep anguish. Remember what made you whole rather than the things that tear you apart. Do not try to capture the past, or dwell on the things you wish could be, but live now. Do not try to change those around you, but instead allow them to be who they are. Share yourself freely, without want for how another should be. Allow others to make their choice even if that choice should lead one to a dark place. For in making their own choice, they are able to accept the outcomes. And in accepting the outcomes they can forge their own path, a new path. But until you can allow another to walk on their own, they will never know freedom.

No matter how long you travel a path with another person, you are no more defined by them as they are of you. Your choice is your choice. Your path is your path. At each moment it can be remade. At each moment it can be extended. At each moment another road can be explored. And at each moment you can decide that there is no path, and that there is only you. In accepting you, you may see how each choice, each action, each thought, affects all of existence; one heart, one soul.

Spiritual Experience

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monk in prayerEverything in life is a spiritual experience. Walking is a spiritual experience. Eating is a spiritual experience. Playing is a spiritual experience. Sitting still and even sleeping are spiritual experiences. Everything we do in life is a spiritual experience if we can allow ourselves to treat all whom we meet, all that we do, all that we think and all that we feel as keys to understanding ourselves and those around us. Even the things we do out of perceived conflict are spiritual experiences. When we begin to sift through life and reflect on how and why we make the choices we make, we begin to understand that everything we have done in our lives, including our interactions with the world around us, have led us to this exact moment. Everything has prepared us for now. It is in this moment, like every moment before it and after it, that we decide our fate. Each moment points us to the next. And if we so choose, we can find ourselves in this moment, and if not this moment, perhaps the next. Experience this life. Experience yourself.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

February 24, 2011 at 6:31 am

The Infinite Capacity

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The capacity to share God’s will is infinite. It can be done through writing. It can be done through talking, and it can be done through listening. It can be done through playing, and through smiling. It can be done through sharing and it can even be done in silence. None are the only way, and none are mutually exclusive. Each is a tool, unique like each one of us, but what is shared among them, is the selflessness in fulfilling the will of that which is greater than ourselves. There is a will greater than our own, unless we allow our own to be that of the greater will. This does not mean to subdue that which we deem pleasurable or unpleasurable, or that which we deem beneath God or above God, but it means the realization of self. It means that the left shall know the right, the top shall know the bottom, the front shall the know back, and the outer shall know the inner.

There is but one will, and many ways to get there. In realizing the self, we realize others. The capacity is infinite, but it is not yet realized by all, and not always fully by ourselves. We can only see as far as we are allowed to see, and feel only as much as we are allowed to feel. In understanding this, we must also understand that this is also true for others. Cast not doubt on those who have not caught up to you, and cast not stones at those who have surpassed you, for the front is the back, and the back is the front.

On the Path I Travel

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On the path I travel, I have had to say things that have made others hurt.
On the path I travel, I have had to do things that made others think I was crazy or on drugs.
On the path I travel, I have had to walk away from a life I knew.
On the path I travel, I have had to forgo my pride and my ego.
On the path I travel, I have met beautiful souls.
On the path I travel, I have found my true self.
On the path I travel, I have found the Creator.
On the path I travel, I have discovered that there were others before me.
On the path I travel, I have discovered that there are those behind me.
On the path I travel, I have discovered that there are those with me.
On the path I travel, I have discovered that I am never alone.

Around the bend I go, where this sidewalk goes, nobody knows.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

January 9, 2010 at 5:28 am

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