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Realization of Self

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Prestige, awards, honors, titles, sainthoods; These are all things that cannot be taken with us into death. Recognitions bestowed by other men serve no purpose except to buoy the confidence and egos of those lacking in self-understanding. They in turn are recognized and propagated by those also lacking in understanding of self. They rely on others to confer worth and validation, none of which can be given. The self can only be realized. Validation is but an illusion.

Once realized, everything becomes an illusion. The title or award becomes a symbol, not of achievement, but of values placed on hold. The recognition becomes a symbol not of good deeds done but of a past gone, and a present and future forgotten.

With the true realization of self, faults are no longer faults. Hate is no longer hate. Joy is no longer joy. Anger is no longer anger. Resentment is no longer resentment. That is not to say that these no longer exist. It is to say that the illusions that have defined these emotions fall aside.

These emotions are no longer at the forefront of what defines our existence and by extension, our thoughts and behaviors. When the self is realized it no longer needs to define others nor seeks validation from others, for in defining others and seeking recognition from others it is the self that is projecting its current understanding of its place within all that exists, which again is the self.


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July 11, 2013 at 5:40 am

Planting a Seed

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green light

This is dedicated to my mom who inspired this thought.

Several years ago while meditating I decided to ask God to show me Himself. I asked Him to show me what God is, and to remove any of my preconceived thoughts of God and of existence itself. I asked that any internal and external biases be removed so that I may come to understand.

As I asked this through my heart, I attempted to quiet my mind. What I experienced and what I saw I could not expect. With my eyes opened, I became blind. I could not see anything. Slowly my vision went, and everything became black. There was not even a hint of light. With my ears straining to hear any voice or sound, I could hear nothing. The buzzing of the street lights disappeared and the distant traffic became non-existent to my ears. I had become deaf. Next my racing mind seemed to pause. All thoughts sank away. Not even an image or random thought had crossed my mind. It was quiet, yet at the same time I was all too aware that it was quiet. It was not overwhelming. I was peace.

Not a worry had occupied me. As I became aware of this emptiness, this lack of sensation, I began to see a tunnel in my mind’s eye. At the end or perhaps it was the beginning, I saw what appeared to be a green light, beckoning, almost like a cocoon. With that, I began to hear again and I began to see again. The image had disappeared and thoughts came flooding back.

At the time this occurred, I thought I had understood what happened. I thought I knew what God or perhaps my inner self was trying to tell me. I found solace in this quietness, this communion of sorts. And yet today I found myself seeing more understanding in this experience. I found God to be everything, and at the same time I found God to be nothing. I found God to be peace, inner peace, a choice seemingly made by me, but not entirely by me. Perhaps like a seed in our heart, God is there waiting to be nurtured, waiting to show us our true selves, our true potential.

What or who is God to you?

Conscious Reminders

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The spirit and soul cannot be enslaved. They cannot be contained in a box or a container. They belong to no one and yet they belong to everyone and to everything. In this life or the next, they are witnesses to our every being. They are teachers. They are blank slates. They are memories made and memories to be made. They are conscious reminders of who we are and who we are to be. They are the spark of life, and yet they are not all of life. They are connected to all that is, and yet they have never been disconnected. They are not limited by distance. They are not limited by time or by the confines of the body. They are freedom personified.

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April 18, 2012 at 5:04 am

Defining Moments

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When you meet someone how do you introduce yourself? Do you give them your name? Do you give them your age and astrological sign? Do you share your occupation or from what schools you graduated? Do you share your marital status or how many children you have? What defines you? Who defines you? Is it your family, your co-workers, friends, church, or activities and associations you belong to? Where does it end? Where does it begin? How far do you go? How many questions do you need to answer before you are satisfied?

Do you give enough to paint the picture just the way you like it? Do you share your fears and worries? Do you share your joys and aspirations? When does it serve you? There are so many things we do to portray ourselves in the best light, or hide ourselves all together that we often forget who we really are. We are more than the hollow shell we’ve created. We’re more than we’re sometimes willing to accept. And though we might not think others can see right through us, our souls are bare for all to see.

Hide as we may, the only question that matters is, “Who am I,” or perhaps it’s, “Who are We?”

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January 13, 2011 at 12:19 am

Nothing Without You

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I am a feather in the wind.
I am a grain of sand in the arid desert.
I am a blade of grass in green pastures.
I am a drop of water in the deep oceans.
I am a spec in the cosmos.
I am a ray in the infinite light.
I am the compassionate heart.
I am the humbled warrior.
I am a stranger.
I am a friend.
I am your mother.
I am your father.
I am your brother.
I am your sister.
I am you on lonely nights.
I am you on joyous occasions.
I am you when the nerves run deep.
I am the light.
I am the dark.
I am the in between.
I am love.
I am peace.
I am hope.
I am harmony.

I am all of these things and yet I am nothing without you.

I Am

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I am a contradiction.
I am an oxymoron.
I am a paradox.

I am the light.
I am the dark.
I am the in-between.

I am you and yet you are me.
I am the loving joy.
I am the angry snake.
I am everything and I am nothing.

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May 20, 2010 at 8:57 pm

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Pearly Whites

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Pearly white teeth.What purpose is there in intellectualizing existence? Does it bring us closer to the truth? What is the truth? Is it being able to describe the patterns that an electron takes, or how exactly memories are formed in the brain and stored by our consciousness, or soul? Is knowing the truth understanding how energy transforms into it’s various forms and knowing that our existence may be more than what we perceive with our bodies? Is it feeling the energy that exists around us as vibrations and signals?

What are we trying to find? Some say we are finding ourselves, that it brings us closer to knowing who we are and what we are. What if we’re asking the wrong questions? Maybe by intellectualizing this existence we are really looking past what we are meant to see. Maybe in trying to find answers through the logical mind, we are really digging ourselves a hole, and creating answers for questions that were never meant to be asked. What if all we are doing is creating another distraction for ourselves? After all, if the truth is the truth, should it not be so simple that all can understand? Should not the truth be so simple that even a child could understand it? Should not the truth be so simple that even someone who cannot read, or write, can understand it when they experience it?

And though we may answer yes to the simplicity of truth, there are those who would have us believe in a fantasy so conceptualized that they themselves cannot comprehend it’s magnitude. They claim to understand and hold the keys to a knowledge that no one owns. With business cards in tow and a new spiffy title to boot, they show their pearly whites.

The truth isn’t for sale. It is not a secret that is hidden from site. It is everywhere, in everything, in all that we do and in all that we are. It is not some vibration, or some new fantastic form of energy. It simply is. It is who we are, and what we have always been.