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earthquake in JapanThere is great suffering by man and animals alike. Everyday there is heartache and destruction. But rather than aide those in need, doomsday-sayers, self-proclaimed prophets and messengers, and individuals seeking fame and profit, feed the chaos. They dismiss the weak, and the unfortunate, and bend the truth to make it their own. False claims are made. Proclamations of impending doom or the second coming of Christ are shouted at those who would dare to listen. Feeding on fear, they disseminate their agenda. They pander to egos and speak down on others who would dare to question, as if berating a child.

There is great suffering and yet you smile. Woe is he who would turn God’s word into his own. Woe is he who knowingly misguides. Woe is he who has forgotten his heart. Woe is he who must bring others down to their suffering. Your intent is known. Your thoughts are known. Your actions are known. The things you do not do are known.

Philippines Flood Relief

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Please visit a site I created for helping survivors of the recent Philippines flooding from Typhoons Parma and Ketsana (Ondoy). Philippines Flood Relief.

The flooding is actually worse than in this picture because water is over one story high at this time.

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October 9, 2009 at 11:39 pm