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Future Flux

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The future never matters as much as the present because no matter how hard you try to capture what is front of you, it is always just out of reach and understanding. The future cannot be understood without the present, just as the present cannot be understood without the past. And though we might feel we have a grasp on all three, each is dependent on the other. As impossible as that may seem, our perception of the now, is constantly in flux. It is influenced by our emotions, and the very things that stir us and put us to sleep.

Reality is what we make it. Acceptance is what we make it. Expectations are what we make them. And yet all of these things are not mutually exclusive, with each potentially depending on the other. However, we can choose to live in a world of potentials or we can choose our fate at every moment. As seemingly out of control as life may sometimes appear, we have control over every aspect of how we choose to accept life. We may choose to accept life as a series of disconnected events seemingly pointing us to an end or a glorious epiphany, or we can choose to see life as a series of choices and events in which we play a very active role.

At each step and each moment, we can choose whether to accept what is before us. We can attempt to change the circumstance with which our present existence is framed, or we can live in the now, enjoying and living each moment of happiness and pain that life has to offer. And though part of us may want to judge and weigh the importance of each event that life presents, we also have the choice to see the love that is in every moment of every breath. The future is in flux, and yet so is the past. They may appear static, but life is what we can accept. And sometimes I choose to accept all of it. Can you?


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March 2, 2012 at 6:26 am

Concentric Circles

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green concentric circlesImagine time as set of concentric circles moving outward from a single starting point. As we move outward from the starting point to the outer most circle time moves forward. Now imagine that each adjacent circle is connected by any number of paths, with each path representing a choice. That choice could be anything from crossing the street to not crossing the street, to something perhaps more consequential like having a child or not having a child, or saving money versus spending all of one’s money. The circles, which represent consequences, stay the same, but the path to each circle can be different.

What if life proceeded in this way? Would that indicate predestination or free will? Would it mean that our choices do not matter because the result is the same? What if one could bypass a circle of consequence? What if one could remain at the single point? What if one could move between circles or what if there were more than one set of concentric circles, or circles that crossed other circles? Could our lives and thus our choices be distilled so easily?

Perhaps these questions do not matter all that much, or perhaps we place too much energy and concern on the time spent from going from point A to point B, when in fact they are the same? Maybe what is important is not the consequence at all, but how we come to the decision that leads to that consequence, or is it the other way around?

We can spend an entire lifetime contemplating all the possible outcomes and all the possible choices and still not be satisfied with how things turn out. If we allow our lives to be dictated by the fear of what may or may not happen, then we have crippled ourselves before giving life a chance.

I Am

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I am a contradiction.
I am an oxymoron.
I am a paradox.

I am the light.
I am the dark.
I am the in-between.

I am you and yet you are me.
I am the loving joy.
I am the angry snake.
I am everything and I am nothing.

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May 20, 2010 at 8:57 pm

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Express Yourself

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What I am about to say are my own feelings from within my own heart. I am not speaking for God nor presume to speak for Him. Believe me if you will. If not, then so be it.

It has been suggested by some that we were created so that God could experience Himself, and that God could know himself and in essence discover Himself. To that I say, if God is God, does He not already know Himself? God knows our thoughts before they are even seeds in our own minds. God knows what we are going to do before we can even think of the consequences. God knows because He has created us. He knows because we are each an expression of His love for us. What we do and think should be an expression of our love for Him, ourselves and others.

We are not God’s only creations and we should not kid ourselves by thinking so. Each creature, known and unknown to us was created out of God’s will, not in an effort to know Himself, but to share Himself with us. What better gift than to allow us a freedom to chose a path to or away from Him. Regardless of that choice, His love is there. Even in our darkest moments when we would deny God, and deny ourselves, His love is there.

Building a Mystery

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What if man was never meant to understand how genes are passed from one person to their offspring? What if man was never meant to understand the movement of the stars? What if man was never meant to understand gravity or the nature of the universe? What if all of these things were distractions? Entire lifetimes are spent trying to understand the things that mankind has placed above all others.

It is true man has found ways to increase his lifespan. It is true man has found ways to live a life that is seemingly more comfortable, but for what purpose? What purpose is there in a longer life if it is less full? What purpose is there if all we do is distract ourselves from all that truly matters? Our relationships are damaged, people are suffering and dying everyday, and yet we continue to lose ourselves in the distractions we have created for ourselves.

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December 9, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Pursuit of Knowledge

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universeThe pursuit of knowledge and technology does not bring a person closer to the truth. Understanding how stars are formed, how sound travels and light is emitted does not bring a person closer to the truth. Experiencing telepathy, seeing spirits and having fantastical dreams does not bring a person closer to the truth. It is true that guidance comes in many forms, but how far must we look before we come back to ourselves? How many texts must we uncover before returning to the language of love? How deep into the ocean or far into space must we travel before we look into the mirror? How many ancient religions and prophecies must we study before we decide to live for today?

Perhaps what is lost is lost for a reason. Perhaps what is hidden is hidden for a reason. Perhaps what is unknown is unknown for a reason. Perhaps the pursuit of knowledge is nothing more than a pursuit of distractions, for all that we need is all before us, in everyone and in everything.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

November 28, 2009 at 6:27 pm