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Where is God?

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waving grassPeople ask to see God all the time. They are told to go outside. And when they go outside, they see the stream as it trickles along, the knee high grass that waves in the wind, and the rays from the sun as it gives the sky a purple hue. They see butterflies float by and clouds scattered and dotting the vast expanse. The sounds of birds, and a symphony of insects and critters fill the air.

“Where is God,” they ask.

Again they are told to look outside. Outside they see children running by, laughing and playing. An old man sits on his stool humming to the sounds of nature. A couple is on their porch discussing the day’s events. A stranger is seen in the distance, his face out of view.

“Where is God,” they ask again.

They are told close the door and look inside. There they see their living room, filled with furniture. A mess is piled on the coffee table, and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing in the kitchen. It’s quiet and no one is home.

“Where is God,” they ask again.

They hear nothing. They see nothing. They smell nothing. They feel nothing. Everything turns to black. The sound of silence becomes deafening. Thoughts begin to empty from the mind. The smell of the coffee disappears. And there in front of them, in back of them, outside of them, inside of them, they feel nothing and everything.


Live Love

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God is more than just some energy.
Love is more than just some energy.
We are more than just some energy.

Learn to love, and you will see God’s face.
Learn to have compassion, and you will have God’s grace.
Learn to understand, and you will be understood.

Speak truthfully from the heart that you may not betray your spirit.
Think without malice that no harm should come upon you.
Act without thought of the future or the past, that you may realize the present.