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Haggard Soul

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Shadows of night.
Figures in the dark.
Behind veils thick and thin.

Familiar faces.
Teary eyes.
Tired jowls.

Jolted heart.
Silent cries.
Haggard soul.

See the frustration in others and you will know you are not alone. Some show their sadness with tears. Some sulk in silence. Some stew in anger. Some point out the things in others they cannot understand.

Do not judge your sadness against another. Do not judge your understanding against another. Be not a hindrance to yourself or another. Lift the haggard soul.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

August 4, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Escaping Justice

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Casey Anthony verdict What is justice? Is it punishment meted out by courts? Is it being seen as the victor in the eyes of peers? Is it never forgetting the harm and the cruelty inflicted by others? Is it the vindication of perceived and real slights? Is it the recognition of one’s disenchantment and dehumanization? Is it being seen as an equal in the eyes of those who claim no equals? Is it an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth? What is justice to you?

Perhaps justice is none of these things. Perhaps like so many other things, it is simply an illusion of temporary fulfillment? And though it does not fulfill the heart, it pleases the mind to know that one’s cause has not been forgotten. However, if one were to truly accept of themselves and to love of themselves, would justice still exist? Would it have a purpose, or would it simply stand as a distraction?

Though the mind may be pleased, true justice comes when the heart can forgive and the mind can accept. Rather than putting a pain away for another day, peace is realized and justice fades away as another form of judgment we place on one another. Justice in the eyes of men and women become empty breaths of despair. Justice is not the mob. It is neither punishment nor retribution. Justice, seen and felt in the soul is love, understanding.

Caged Fear

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We cannot live in fear. We cannot live with the anticipation of harm or retribution. We cannot live with the worry that something we say or do may not be taken well. What we can do is have faith that regardless of whether the path in front of us is lit or hidden in the shadows, that our feet will land on firm ground. We can trust that even among the chaos and despair that sometimes surrounds our lives, there will always be compassion. And though we not always be ready to see it or accept it when it is offered, like a gentle hand, lending support, it will be there.

There is no need to lock our fears in cages or to strike against those who would strike us first. There is no need to race to be first and no need to shout in order to be heard. Through accepting our fears, and through understanding how they drive us, we can learn to let them go. And by letting go of our fears, we can move past the roadblocks in our lives. We can see that our enemies are not really our enemies. They are like us, fearful of what is in front of them, and fearful of what awaits. But together, we can overcome our fears. We can overcome our differences. What once appeared as a scary beast, can be a comforting friend in a time of need.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

March 22, 2011 at 8:14 pm