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Forgiveness From the Ashes

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Phoenix rising.Forgiveness is not about forgetting nor is it about denial. Forgiveness is about relinquishing control. It’s about releasing pain that has manifested as anger and resentment. It is about releasing a self inflicted burden.

Like shackles that bind our feet, pain ties us to our current condition. Without forgiveness, whether of another or oneself, we become stuck in a vicious cycle of pain and resentment. With forgiveness or some would say godliness, we have a way out, a way forward.

It grants us the power, not over another, but over our own destiny. We don’t have to live in pain. We don’t have to live in misery. We need only realize that in all matters of the spirit we can choose a destructive path, or one that raises us from the ashes.

From the ashes I rise. From the ashes I forgive myself.


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July 12, 2013 at 2:28 am

Broken Key

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broken key in lockUnderstanding alone is not the key. Understanding the truth and living the truth are two separate things. To live it is to breathe it. To live it is to be it, with every fiber, with every part of our being.

When the truth is forced it builds resentment. It builds anger, and it builds confusion. Confusion does not arise from questions of whether something is right or wrong, but from our desire to be without constraints, whether external or of the mind.

Each person must find their own key, in their own time. Through each individual’s experiences, they must find themselves, and we must allow it, for our path is our path, and no other’s. Like a parent with a watchful eye, we must allow ourselves to stand back. We must nourish without being overbearing, and most of all, we must love, unconditionally.

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February 21, 2013 at 5:24 am

Sacrificing Dreams

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When decisions come from the right place, dreams are not sacrificed or put on hold. Rather, expectations and resentment are understood and put into check. We want so much for ourselves, but often do not stop long enough to ask if what we want is actually good for us. We see the immediate gratification, but never ask the question of how our desires affect those around us. We want things for ourselves. We want time for ourselves. But do we ever stop to ask what a stranger might need. Do we ever ask ourselves whether someone else is feeling alright? Perhaps some of us ask these questions, but at the end of the day, where does our focus rest?

Does it rest at the feet of our own comfort, or are we strong enough to see others who may be in dismay? Not everyone wants something for free, whatever that means. Not everyone is out to reduce us to shreds. Not everyone is out to hurt us. Sacrifice comes with desire, but with desire, the seeds of resentment flourish. With resentment comes anger. And with anger, our dreams become nightmares.

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July 27, 2012 at 9:41 pm

No Tomorrow

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The happiest moments in life are those when everything is left on the table. Leave nothing unsaid. Leave nothing undone. Leave nothing for tomorrow. Tomorrow does not always lend itself to better circumstances so rather than wait for the most optimal time, leave all the expectations behind.

There is no better time, or worst time so let there be no would have’s, could have’s or should have’s. Live life not for the hope of a better tomorrow, but live it for right now in this moment. Show all your cards, and leave all that you have on the table.

Let there be no regrets. Let there be no resentment. Shed every tear, kiss every cheek, hug every hug, and let there be no tomorrow.

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August 11, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Fighting Resentment

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resentmentHow much can we give of ourselves before we break? How much is too much? Is there such a thing as too much when we are all here to help one another? Does it make us selfish to take a step back; even if that means someone we are trying to help sinks back as well? Are the fruits of our actions more important than the intent, or does our desire to do good outweigh any consequence?

Often times when we help someone, we want so much for another person to change, or a given outcome, that when that change does not come, we become resentful. We become resentful that we put our efforts and energy into something that was not accepted. We become resentful that our words were not heard. We become resentful that what was heard or accepted was not fully on the mark. We become resentful that what was supposed to be easy was made more difficult.

Perhaps the lesson is not just for the person to be had, but for us. If we truly gave freely, would there be a need to see a desired outcome? If we truly wanted what was best for another person, would we not allow that person to seek understanding in the best way possible for them, even if we do not understand the reasons ourselves? If we truly sought the best for another person, would we not stop measuring the benefits to ourselves? To give freely, is to love without condition. To love without condition is to have compassion and understanding in the face of suffering.