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Realization of Self

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Prestige, awards, honors, titles, sainthoods; These are all things that cannot be taken with us into death. Recognitions bestowed by other men serve no purpose except to buoy the confidence and egos of those lacking in self-understanding. They in turn are recognized and propagated by those also lacking in understanding of self. They rely on others to confer worth and validation, none of which can be given. The self can only be realized. Validation is but an illusion.

Once realized, everything becomes an illusion. The title or award becomes a symbol, not of achievement, but of values placed on hold. The recognition becomes a symbol not of good deeds done but of a past gone, and a present and future forgotten.

With the true realization of self, faults are no longer faults. Hate is no longer hate. Joy is no longer joy. Anger is no longer anger. Resentment is no longer resentment. That is not to say that these no longer exist. It is to say that the illusions that have defined these emotions fall aside.

These emotions are no longer at the forefront of what defines our existence and by extension, our thoughts and behaviors. When the self is realized it no longer needs to define others nor seeks validation from others, for in defining others and seeking recognition from others it is the self that is projecting its current understanding of its place within all that exists, which again is the self.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

July 11, 2013 at 5:40 am

Water Rises

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If you are standing in the middle of a road and all paths disappear, do not fret. If water rises from the ground and all roads melt into one, do not fret. If your tracks get swept away and everything in front of you looks the same as in back of you, do not fret. All paths become one eventually.

Late or in a rush, all paths become one. Do not run frantic to find the start or meet its end, for you are already there. Stuck in a crowd or out on a limb, do not panic for you are already there. Enjoy this fluid life. It sets no boundaries. This is not a contradiction, just something to the mind, it does not please.

In this life we hold so dear,
We are most captivated by our fear.

If but once we could let go,
We could see what this life truly has to show.

So worry not anymore,
Enjoy this existence like never before.

Walking Through Your Reflection

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With each step and each floor you move up, can you see your reflection?
Can you see the consequences in each direction?

When your foot hits the ground and meets your shadow,
can you remove all the pain and harrow?

When you walk forward and meet your reflection, can you stand in place and accept what you see?
Can you accept all the reflections you set free?

Before you utter a sound, can you hear the thoughts fall asunder?
When walking pass yourself, do you see yourself a stranger?

Can you see their eyes pierce your soul?
Can you walk a naked truth, and pay no toll?

Written by Sidewalk Bends

April 11, 2011 at 7:37 pm

Taking Notes

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hand taking notesWhen I watch movies, I sometimes take notes.
When I speak to people, I sometimes take notes.
When I’m staring off into the sky, I sometimes take notes.
When I’m walking and thoughts pop into my head, I sometimes take notes.
When I’m taking notes, I sometimes take more notes.

Epiphanies, moments of realization, sparks of enlightenment, whatever you want to call them, happen for us all. How we decide to act on those moments of realization is up to each of us. Some dismiss them. Some write them down as I have on occasion, and others still try to capture them as if they were pearls in the sky. There are times in life however, when we must put down that pen, or put away that keyboard, or quit trying to capture that moment for posterity, and act on it. Those moments of realization mean nothing without bringing them forward into our lives, rather than allowing them to fade away. We can best bring joy to this world by bringing the joy we each have within to others. We can best express the Creator’s love, by expressing the love we have within. Stop taking notes or getting lost in wonderment, and be.