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premonitionWhat you see is not for your gain. What you see is not for self-recognition. It is not about being right or being proven right. It is not about confirmations or denials. It is not about being seen or being known. Have compassion for the lives of those whom you see. Have understanding for the choices made and those denied. Be a comforting voice and a helping hand.

Have gratitude for the life so close, but not always so clear. Clarity does not come through sight of one’s eyes or spirit, but through heart. Whether a waking vision, or a dream, focus and understanding comes from an open heart, and not through the altered lens of one’s detractors.

See past the murky water. See past the swirled colors. See past images of past and future. See past what others would have for you, and look no more.


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August 22, 2011 at 10:15 pm


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earthquake in JapanThere is great suffering by man and animals alike. Everyday there is heartache and destruction. But rather than aide those in need, doomsday-sayers, self-proclaimed prophets and messengers, and individuals seeking fame and profit, feed the chaos. They dismiss the weak, and the unfortunate, and bend the truth to make it their own. False claims are made. Proclamations of impending doom or the second coming of Christ are shouted at those who would dare to listen. Feeding on fear, they disseminate their agenda. They pander to egos and speak down on others who would dare to question, as if berating a child.

There is great suffering and yet you smile. Woe is he who would turn God’s word into his own. Woe is he who knowingly misguides. Woe is he who has forgotten his heart. Woe is he who must bring others down to their suffering. Your intent is known. Your thoughts are known. Your actions are known. The things you do not do are known.

Lost Prophet

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Man makes prophets, but only the humble heart shall listen. Listen, for God speaks in everyone and in everything. Listen, for God is in everyone and in everything. Listen to the humble heart.

The Wise Are Confused

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Nelson Mandela 1990Even among the wise there is confusion. Even among the learned there is dismay. Even among the pious there is greed. Why is it we hold others to a standard we ourselves cannot keep? Why is it we would trust those who cannot trust themselves? Why is it we would hold the word of one person above all others? Surely if God is God, He would make Himself known to us in a way each and every individual could understand. Cannot the foolish know love? Cannot the uneducated know love? Cannot even the wicked know love? None comes before another for we are all in this together. Listen not to me, for even I can be confused. Listen to the wisdom of your heart.