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Bend Me Break Me

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Mirror Sphere

The labels we give ourselves often hurt more than the labels others attribute to us. When we see ourselves in the light, we are in the light. When we see ourselves in the dark, we cannot see. We struggle to find self-worth and in doing so we look to others for validation however we can attain it.

Sometimes it means doing, acting and believing in things we normally would not, all for the satisfaction of approval. But in seeking approval outwardly or even secretly, are we destroying ourselves? Are we selling our self-worth and in the end compromising all that we have, the things that make us whole?

In seeking approval or happiness through means outside of our own internal happiness do we not become fractured beings? We can easily tear ourselves in search of ourselves, but until we are able to look firmly at our heart and soul, we will keep looking as if looking into a mirror held against another mirror.

The image we see of ourselves becomes so muddled that we cannot help but ask others what they see. But what we forget is that when we ask others to tell us what they see of us, we have already biased the other’s view.

It is a rare person who can tell another what they see with no strings attached. It is an even more rare person who can accept it and act upon it.


Bondage of Expectations

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chainsIf we judge our life and our experiences by a measuring stick, then we’ve already lost. All too often we judge the circumstances of our life by the perceived accomplishments of others and even by the occurrences in our own lives. But what if we placed an artificial ceiling over our heads? How many of us would be willing to surpass it? How many of us would reach beyond it? How many of us would even realize we could reach beyond? What if the only boundaries were the ones we placed in front of ourselves? We are our own worst enemy. All too often we succumb to expectations, whether they are our own or others’. We place others on pedestals. We idolize and worship. Whether it is wealth, fame, stature, or one’s place in society, we find ways to distill that which cannot be separated. We set ourselves apart. And in that process, we measure ourselves against our dreams and expectations.

What if what we perceived as the ideal was in fact an illusion? What if the greatest illusion, or delusion of all was desire, whether it is the desire to reach a state of enlightenment, or the desire to cling onto a memory or moment in time. In this state of want, do we not lose perspective? Do we not try to relive the past, or try to grab for the future in a veiled attempt to catch what cannot be captured? In that process, do we not become slaves to our desires?

Written by Sidewalk Bends

July 8, 2010 at 4:51 am

To Know

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There is no need to boast of one’s own beliefs lest one is unsure of them self. To know does not mean to convince other’s of one’s views. To know does not mean to speak over others. To know does not mean to shout. To know does not mean to be known. To know is to share. To know is to invite. To know is to feel to the very depths of one’s core. To know is to love. To know is to understand that we do not always know.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

May 16, 2010 at 6:30 am