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Let Us Cry Together

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crying childDo not take away my pain for it is mine to bear. Do not take away my tears for they are mine to shed. Do not take away my heartache for it is mine to understand. Do not parse my words for they are mine to express. Do not tell me how to grieve. Do not tell me how to cry. Love me the same as you would love those in pain.

It is difficult to watch those we love suffer in such a way we can only fathom to understand. No one wants to see their children, siblings or parents in pain. No one wants to watch those they love go through an anguish that can alone be lifted with time and healing.

While we all grieve in our own way we must allow each to express themselves in their way and in their time. Some fold into their shell and hide from prying eyes. Some cry uncontrollably. Some appear as though all emotions have been wiped from their face. Some become angry and lash out. Still others seek comfort and solace in all who would give it. Though we may all grieve in our own way, we need not grieve alone. We need not suffer alone. We need not heal alone.

Though we may each shed a tear, let us shed it together. Let us cry on each other’s shoulders and worry not about the time. Let us accept each other’s loving embrace and remember we are never alone. Let us remember that in happy times, and sad, we are always loved. We are never alone. Let us celebrate together.


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April 17, 2012 at 12:35 am

The Greatest Miracle of All

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Many of us are in search of something. We’re not quite sure what it is. We look for things to help fulfill our lives. For some of us it’s enough to look at a clear blue sky, to take a breath of a winter breeze, or to just set our eyes on the waves of the ocean. We look for miracles and any sign that we are not alone in this universe. For many it is no longer enough to look at things in our everyday life to remind us of why we are here. We seek to be amazed as if some unexplainable event will give meaning to our very existence.

Man has made so many advances that it no longer seeks to impress. Man seeks to outdo himself. But in this pursuit, man gives credit of the works of God to his own tiny hands. Man gives credit to his technological advances, to his superior mind, and to his ingenuity. It is no longer enough to see the sick be healed, or for nature to do what man can only imagine. It is no longer enough to see the sun rise or the ground shake at our very feet.

Perhaps the greatest miracle is not raising the tallest building, erecting the longest bridge, creating life in a petri dish, or even healing the incurable. Perhaps the greatest miracle of all is love, unconditional love. It heals. It reminds us of who we are. It transforms. It creates. Most of all, it brings us closer to each other, closer to ourselves, closer to the Divine will.

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December 19, 2009 at 8:47 am

Do Not Chastise Me

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Seeing, speaking to and hearing spirits does not mean seeing the Truth.
Feeling others emotions, physical ailments, memories and thoughts does not mean seeing the Truth.
Reading minds, levitating objects and moving objects with your mind does not mean seeing the Truth.
Seeing auras and energy in all its forms and manipulating energy does not mean seeing the Truth.
Having precognitive dreams and visions does not mean seeing the Truth.
Bringing to life animals that were once dead does not mean seeing the Truth.
Having knowledge of the past and seeing memories of the soul does not mean seeing the Truth.

The truth is felt. It is experienced. It is lived. It is in everything and in everyone. Yet, we choose to parse it out as if only some can see and others cannot. Some claim they have seen it. Some claim they know it, and all the while they suffer in the pain that is their own mind. They cast judgments on people. They claim their way is the only way and yet we’ve all been made different. We are different but the same. And though some may argue that, look to your own heart that you may see the Truth.