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Be Here Now

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Be present in all that you do for life will pass you by.
Be present for every smile that joy may not escape your heart.
Be present for every tear that you may mark all of your challenges.
Be present for every hug that you may recognize how much you are loved.
Be present for all the laughter that you may be reminded to smile.

Be present. Be here now that you may never need to look backward or forward.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

June 29, 2013 at 2:47 pm

Photo Finish

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Whether one is given a head start, one leaves with the pack, or one is last out of the gate, we arrive at our destination of understanding at the same time. Although we may look around and say, “This one is foolish. They do not know what they are doing,” or “This one is wise. Look at how much they understand,” neither has a leg up on the other. When we focus our energies and our efforts on trying to bring down another or lift another, we expect to see results.

Rather than expecting results, perhaps our energy would best be spent allowing another to understand themselves, while trying to also understand ourselves. When we focus on the iniquities of others, we do nothing but build resentment for others while at the same time distracting from those things that hold us back. There is no race or time by which all will be lost, or that all needs to be learned. There is simply now.

In living now and accepting what comes now, we remove the burdens of our wants and expectations. We remove the worries of defeat and loss. We remove ideas of denial and guilt. We remove all the things that prevent us from being our true selves.