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Practice Giving

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Giving HandPractice giving. Practice it not for the one who receives but practice it for yourself. Giving is not only an exercise of expressing kindness, but also of humility and trust.

In giving we must learn to trust the intent of those who seek help and even of those who would deny it. The path for all of us is different so in giving do not judge the choices of another. Do not judge the clothes one wears, or the conditions with which one lives. Judge not one’s behaviors, but remember them as you. See the humanity in all even if some choose not to see it in themselves.

In giving we must trust our heart that we are led on a path of betterment of not only the recipient, but of ourselves. We are the saviors of no one but ourselves. See yourself not as one’s savior but one’s companion for we are all discovering what it means to live, together.

Most of all, we must learn to trust that as long as we follow our heart that we will always be provided for and nourished. When the heart and soul are nourished, all worries fall aside. The world becomes a smaller place and the worries foremost in our minds become like specks of dust in the night sky. Nothing seems as important as it once was.

Practice giving and remember who you are and meant to be.


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August 1, 2013 at 5:40 am

The Nature of Man

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Adam and GodShould a wolf be rewarded for its cunningness? Should a snake be punished for its ability to strike without being seen? Who is above the fray that they should judge whether one is deserving of a reward or punishment? Who is holy enough that they should cast judgment on one’s nature, and one’s ability to please God?

We each live our lives, hopefully by the best of our intentions, but does this make us the maker of kings and the deliverer of justice? We are no better and no worse than our highest ideals and our lowest of lows. Happiness does not come from denying happiness to others. Nor does it come from shunning what we cannot understand. Happiness ultimately will come from not only accepting ourselves, but also from accepting that we cannot control others.

We can become prisoners of our own jealousy and pride, or we can set ourselves free from the seemingly endless critiques and judgments. Perhaps in writing this or even in contemplating this aspect of our nature, we can be hypocritical, but is it not better to accept and move on from one’s faults, rather than claiming none ever existed in the first place?

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October 18, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Withered Truth

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leather bound bibleBound leather.
Parchment paper.
Saints of men.

Stains of time.
Words warped.
Intentions lost.

Guidance sought.
Warped minds.
Confused soul.

Stay true to your heart. Stay true to yourself. In the face of pressure, in the house of another, do not judge. Accept as you wish to be accepted. Love as you wish to be loved. Compromise not the essence of your soul, but allow another to be.

Sowing the Seeds

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What does it mean to follow one’s heart? Does it mean to please those around you, whether they are your family or close friends? Does it mean to please your spouse, or your children? Does it mean to please angels or spirits? Does it mean to please society? Our lives are intertwined with all that is around us, from people to plants to animals. We are all connected. And though some of us may try to please others for the sake of another’s happiness, we must learn to look to our own heart. One’s heart can only be subdued for so long before it cries out to be heard.

Some say that by pleasing others, they are in fact pleasing themselves and pleasing God. Though this may be true, we must stop long enough to look to our own heart. Nothing is hidden. This life is a gift for each of us. Though it is each our choice to decide how we wish to live and which path we choose to take, our motives are always known. We may convince our family and friends. We may even convince ourselves. No matter how much convincing we try to do, our intent is always known for the seed was planted long before we were created.

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January 9, 2010 at 5:12 am

What Would Jesus Do?

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What would Jesus do? t-shirt

It has become fashionable as of late to wear t-shirts or to display stickers on one’s car that say “What Would Jesus Do?” Maybe we should worry less about what Jesus would do in a given situation, or how much one can quote scripture, and instead listen more to what our own hearts have to tell us? People are so concerned with appearing to be good and pious, that they would sell their own souls in the process. They wear smiles on their faces and scripture on their t-shirts, but their hearts are closed to those who would ask for help. Their hearts are closed to those who would question their sincerity and to those who would dare walk a different path.

So what would Jesus do? I don’t know what Jesus would do. I would hope he would love and accept all, even those who did not believe in him, nor his ways. All I know is what I feel from my heart and what my mind tells me. And though it is hard enough to follow the compass of my own heart, it will not betray me. It will not peal off like a sticker, or fade away like some fad. It simply will be, without judgment. So rather than ask, “What Would Jesus Do,” maybe we should ask, “What does my heart tell me is right?, or “What would God have of me?”