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Practice Giving

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Giving HandPractice giving. Practice it not for the one who receives but practice it for yourself. Giving is not only an exercise of expressing kindness, but also of humility and trust.

In giving we must learn to trust the intent of those who seek help and even of those who would deny it. The path for all of us is different so in giving do not judge the choices of another. Do not judge the clothes one wears, or the conditions with which one lives. Judge not one’s behaviors, but remember them as you. See the humanity in all even if some choose not to see it in themselves.

In giving we must trust our heart that we are led on a path of betterment of not only the recipient, but of ourselves. We are the saviors of no one but ourselves. See yourself not as one’s savior but one’s companion for we are all discovering what it means to live, together.

Most of all, we must learn to trust that as long as we follow our heart that we will always be provided for and nourished. When the heart and soul are nourished, all worries fall aside. The world becomes a smaller place and the worries foremost in our minds become like specks of dust in the night sky. Nothing seems as important as it once was.

Practice giving and remember who you are and meant to be.


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August 1, 2013 at 5:40 am

Lost Opportunities

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If we concentrate on the shortcomings of others, it diverts us away from the lessons someone can teach us. If we concentrate on the perceived slights that someone has committed against us, then we take time away from understanding ourselves. If we can look at ourselves as students of life, then perhaps we can appreciate the things that others may begin show us, or bring out of us. Rarely is anyone the direct cause of our anguish for we may choose to feel hurt or threatened by another’s actions, or we may look to the blessings that life has provided us.

A person on the highway cutting us off may show us our level of patience. A crying child may show us our desire for love and acceptance. A beggar on the street may show us our level of compassion or the priorities we have set for ourselves and others. The point is we are all here to teach each other, but if walk into life thinking we have it all sussed out, we squander the great opportunities that this life has to bring.

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February 25, 2011 at 11:41 pm

Rejoice with Me

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homeless personDo not judge the happiness of another by those things that would make you happy. Even in poverty, and hunger, there is still happiness. Though the sun may beat down on my face and my cracked skin may tell a story of hardship, there is still happiness. Though my bones may creak and my joints may ache, there is still happiness. Do not pass me by and feel sorry for the life I have lived. I have made my choices by my own will. Though I may wander the streets, and I may lay my head under a different tree each night, do not feel sorry for me, for my spirit is as free as the day I was born unto this life. Though I may speak to the wind and play among the chirping birds, do not feel sorry for me, for they are my friends and I am free. Do not feel sorry for my life. Instead, rejoice! Rejoice with me, for I have found a happiness so great, it cannot be described. Rejoice with me, for my hardships are mine and they remind me of whom I am. Rejoice with me, for in this moment you see my spirit as I also see yours.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

January 26, 2010 at 7:28 pm