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In the Service of God

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caring handsBy the will of God/Allah all things are done. Without divine will, our actions, our words and our prayers fall on deaf ears. To call oneself a guide is to lose sight of God, and all that is possible through unconditional love. When we begin to assert ourselves as masters of the universe, or sages in a sea of misplaced prophets, then we’ve done nothing but fool ourselves.

To please God, should one be in the service of others or should one simply be, because that is who they are? What if being in the service of others also required instruction and direction by those who would claim themselves as authorities over that which is freely known? Can we be so bold as to say what pleases God? Can we be so bold to preach unity, acceptance and unconditional love and in the same breath of action, live under a hierarchy created by those who would see themselves as closer to the Divine? Do we seek to please God, or do we seek to please those in the gallery? Everyone is watching, but can we choose to be ourselves?

Perhaps to guide is to be, not because we are told, but because in being ourselves, we praise that which God created. In allowing others to be and in guiding others and ourselves towards self-acceptance and acceptance of others, we praise divine creation.


“Psychic” Abilities

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Psychic AbilitiesWhat if one of the purposes of these abilities was so that we could also understand that in truth we do not necessarily need them? They allow for some fantastic experiences that is for sure. They can open up our eyes to the things that exist in this world and the next. They can certainly give us a perspective we may have never considered. They can even allow us to intimately feel others in ways we could never have imagined. They can show us just how connected and interwoven we really are. Regardless of these abilities, we are connected nonetheless? Though it is nice to be reminded in a different way, we are certainly reminded in more ways than one through our very own lives?

Whether we can see, feel and communicate with spirits or not, we are still connected. Whether we can hear other’s thoughts, feel other people’s and animals’ emotions or physical ailments, or whether we can do none of these things, we are all still connected. Whether we can manipulate energy or see it as auras that seemingly shine from our very existence, or whether we are blind and can see none of these things, we are still connected.

We are connected if we but choose to see. And though our ears might hear, and our eyes might see, and our minds might think, our hearts understand. We are connected, you, and I.