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Let Us Cry Together

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crying childDo not take away my pain for it is mine to bear. Do not take away my tears for they are mine to shed. Do not take away my heartache for it is mine to understand. Do not parse my words for they are mine to express. Do not tell me how to grieve. Do not tell me how to cry. Love me the same as you would love those in pain.

It is difficult to watch those we love suffer in such a way we can only fathom to understand. No one wants to see their children, siblings or parents in pain. No one wants to watch those they love go through an anguish that can alone be lifted with time and healing.

While we all grieve in our own way we must allow each to express themselves in their way and in their time. Some fold into their shell and hide from prying eyes. Some cry uncontrollably. Some appear as though all emotions have been wiped from their face. Some become angry and lash out. Still others seek comfort and solace in all who would give it. Though we may all grieve in our own way, we need not grieve alone. We need not suffer alone. We need not heal alone.

Though we may each shed a tear, let us shed it together. Let us cry on each other’s shoulders and worry not about the time. Let us accept each other’s loving embrace and remember we are never alone. Let us remember that in happy times, and sad, we are always loved. We are never alone. Let us celebrate together.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

April 17, 2012 at 12:35 am

Driving in Circles

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circle trackWhen we make assumptions about people and how they will possibly act towards us or react toward a given situation, we act from a place of fear. Rather than approach a person or a situation with a clean slate, we place our fears in front of us as if to guard us from the possible outcome. But are we really protecting ourselves? Are we really seeing the truth, or are we judging someone before they have had a chance to act? Should not each person, regardless of their past, and regardless of their attitudes be given a chance? Should not each encounter be a new opportunity? It is true that we should not allow others to manipulate us. At the same time, if we treat each person with the expectation that they will behave as they have in the past, regardless if they behaved well or poorly, do we not rob ourselves of that moment? Are we then no better than the person we have come to judge?

Perhaps if we can break that cycle, we can give others a chance to grow and we can allow ourselves to grow. And if our assumptions are proven correct, rather than gloat and live in the temporary satisfaction of being right, we can put aside our pride. Perhaps that is all that is needed to reopen a door that was once thought to be shut. Though we might think we have nothing to learn or to gain from reopening a door, perhaps we can assist others and show them it is okay to walk through. It is okay to forgive. It is okay to put down a grudge. It is okay to admit error. It is okay to accept an apology. It is okay to let bygones be bygones. It is okay to move forward. It is okay to love again.