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Out of the Mouths of Babes

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child: “What does it mean, God?”

parent: “I don’t know honey. What does ‘God’ mean to you?”

child: “God means to love yourself.”

Earlier this afternoon, I used the word “God” in front of my son, and the preceding conversation ensued. Initially when my son asked me the meaning of God, I hesitated to give him an answer because I wanted him to form his own belief. I wanted him to come to his own understanding without being spoon fed my beliefs or the beliefs of my wife and our families. Little did I know that he would teach me. At four years old, he was very matter of fact, as if to say, “Dad, you are looking too hard. It’s right there in front you.” And so he was right. Love yourself.


Personality Conflict

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If we spend our time calculating how another may bring us harm, or do a disservice to us, we lose sight of what really matters. We lose sight of what others bring to us. Throughout our lives we are presented with personalities and beliefs that seem almost alien to us. To processes them, we sometimes gloss over them, and all too often we attack them, rather than try to understand them. Why do we do this? Are we so sure in our beliefs, in the things we call true, that we would disregard something before we have had a chance to fully hear it? Are we so confident of our place in the universe that we would dismiss others? Surely there are those who have found peace, and who have found love. But if one truly found peace, would they not understand that others must find it in their own right? Would they not understand that to truly love, is to allow others to discover the love in themselves without beating them into submission? If we truly found peace, would we not be so comfortable in ourselves that regardless of how others chose to live their life, or how we choose to live ours, that there would be no need to criticize or to denigrate. Accepting others is very much a part of accepting ourselves, and accepting ourselves is very much a part of accepting others.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

March 22, 2011 at 8:18 pm