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Forgiveness From the Ashes

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Phoenix rising.Forgiveness is not about forgetting nor is it about denial. Forgiveness is about relinquishing control. It’s about releasing pain that has manifested as anger and resentment. It is about releasing a self inflicted burden.

Like shackles that bind our feet, pain ties us to our current condition. Without forgiveness, whether of another or oneself, we become stuck in a vicious cycle of pain and resentment. With forgiveness or some would say godliness, we have a way out, a way forward.

It grants us the power, not over another, but over our own destiny. We don’t have to live in pain. We don’t have to live in misery. We need only realize that in all matters of the spirit we can choose a destructive path, or one that raises us from the ashes.

From the ashes I rise. From the ashes I forgive myself.


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July 12, 2013 at 2:28 am

War and the Inner Monk

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BuddhaIs there war? Does there have to be war? To many the answers are obvious. One only needs to look out their window or turn on the television to see the effects and destruction of war. It’s easy to point out examples now and throughout time. The answer almost seems matter of fact, and yet perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way.

Is there war or is there only struggle? Internal and external struggles, perhaps they are the same. In others we see our shortcomings. We see the things we would like to change in ourselves. But rather than seek a path to understanding ourselves, we fight and we deny. We deny others a choice so that we do not have to face the one choice that sits right in front of us.

Rather than try to ask ourselves why we struggle to accept, or why we have each chosen the path we have selected, it almost seems easier to destroy all the things we do not yet understand and all the things we have chosen to deny. Is there war? Again, the answer seems an obvious one. We see others fighting and destroying each other, and yet this war is right inside each of us. In each of us there is a struggle. It’s not the struggle to fight what is right versus what is wrong. Instead it is the struggle to love ourselves. It is the struggle to accept ourselves in the face of self-denial.

When we are faced with questions that seem obvious, yet seem filled with doubts, we often cater to the responses of our friends. We pander to our inner monk. We bend the will of our heart in hopes of counting all of the nods of approval. To this we must ask ourselves, is it better to be ourselves or is it better to count the pupils that burn a hole through our very soul?

We can try to fill a void with praises and head counts, but until we can face ourselves, and until we can put down that inner struggle, will we be able to see our true selves. We are the prying eyes. We are the countless voices. We are the emptiness. We are the fullness in every breath. We are the inner and we are the outer. We are all there is.

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April 6, 2012 at 5:15 am

The Great Pretender

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broken reflectionThe great pretender can say all the right words, press all the right buttons, make nice and smile at all the right people, but can you find love in his heart? Do the words please and soothe, or do you have to play the convincing game? Is he an open book, or has the facade been built so high he is unrecognizable? Can you stare thru to his soul, or does he have you looking at the iniquity in others? Does he bow down to the lowest common denominator or is he finding ways to maintain the status quo? Can he bring a smile to your heart, or does he have you scratching your head? Does he wave back in the mirror, or can you not look anymore?

Soiled Feet

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Stop slogging in the mud, with your knees high to your chest. Remember. Gather in the tribe of One. The seasons may change, and the landscape may become barren, but look around and you will see kinship in all. Stop yelling at the face of God, for your tears shall become hard knots to swallow. Do not walk away. Do not shout at love. Do not blaspheme. Stop the rain. Stop the pain. At any moment the fields shall be filled with green. Look around. Behind you, in front of you, above you, below you, all is heard.

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May 14, 2011 at 6:20 am

Snake Oil Salesman

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salesmanSpare not the truth, lest you should deny it yourself. Sometimes it is not your choice as to what others are to learn. We serve as teachers for each other, wittingly and sometimes unwittingly. We can choose to avoid situations that may cause discomfort, anxiety or anger in another person, but what will come to be, will be. In choosing a path of avoidance, we are sometimes presented with a lever that only quickens the inevitable. This lever does not remove free will. It simply pressures your hand. What you choose in that moment will affect not only the immediate circumstance, but all circumstances to follow, for you and for those you wish to spare. Avoidance, for the sake of avoidance is not love. It is denial wrapped in the guise of love. Love is honesty. Love is understanding that what one has to offer may not always be accepted. Love is understanding that although some may turn their back on you today, that others will come to understand another day. Love is being there when that day comes. Open the door to your heart, but do not slam it when someone decides to choose another path.

Blue Flashing Lights

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blue flashing police lightsThe blue lights will keep flashing until you listen to what you are told. You will hear what you are meant to hear in a way YOU will understand. Just because you hear it from someone you don’t like or from a stranger does not discount what you are told. The truth is the truth, regardless of where it comes from. Even if you don’t think you understand, you will be told in more ways than one until you do. You don’t have to accept it, but you do have to hear it. That is the choice we are all given. Once you understand the consequences of anything you are told, that is, once you understand the truth, you are held responsible. This is the truth as I hear it. This is the truth as I tell it. Now it’s up to you.