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Driving Force

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The sorrow of men and women do not drive action, it is the healing heart. Peace is galvanized through unconditional acceptance and understanding, not through brute force, or even calculated action. Peace built on deception and exclusion is not peace but rather a temporary replacement for previous lies. Like a building built out of rubble, it too will collapse.

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September 26, 2011 at 7:21 pm

A Hunting We Will Go

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wolf eats manWhen a wolf knows he’s a wolf, what will you tell him? Will you convince him he’s a man? Will you try to tame him like a domesticated animal? Will you tell him not to sharpen his teeth at the dinner table? Will you scold him for howling at the moon? Will you tell him not to slaughter the sheep?

When a wolf thinks he’s a man, what will you tell him? Will you dress him as you please? Will you hide him from himself? Will you introduce him to your friends? Will you call him by his name? Will you turn your back with ease? Will you unleash him upon your enemies?


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If we can’t strive for our ideals, what can we strive for? Should we immediately give up? Should we give up on our dreams? Should we give up hope of world peace? Should we give up hope of understanding love? Should we be satisfied with what we’ve become? If one speaks of love, and in the next breath they damn another, does that make them a hypocrite? Does it make them a conniver, or does it just expose their struggle?

If one speaks about understanding and compassion and when they come upon a person in need of help and pass them by, does it make them a liar, or does it just mean they are lying to themselves? Is the messenger wrong for not being able to follow the message, or are we for judging the messenger? Regardless of the words one speaks, the ideas one writes about, or the actions one performs, each person, each creature and each piece of existence serves its purpose.

Though we may have expectations of our idealized selves, we can no more expect of others than we can expect of ourselves.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

June 15, 2011 at 6:02 am

Sacred Cow

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KC Sacred Cow by Rebecca L. MillerWhen the sacred cow becomes a sheep, do not cast him aside. Do not banish him from the heard or mark him as an abomination. Do not poke a finger in his eye, or berate him for his transgressions. Do not speak behind his back, or cast aspersions under your breath. Judge him not for the things that others wanted him to be. Judge him not for giving you what you wanted. Judge him not for the weights he has carried. Welcome him that he may see his place. Welcome him that he may become as you. Forgive him that you may also forgive yourself.

sculpture credit: KC Sacred Cow by Rebecca L. Miller


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Deception does not always have to come in words. Deception does not always have to come in appearance. In holding back from others we can also deceive. In holding back the truth and in trying to hide our true intent we can also deceive. By pretending to not know something, or by dancing around the truth, we not only deceive others, but we also deceive ourselves. Like a fist grasping to hold onto water, our lies become fruitless attempts at holding onto that which is seen through the heart. As much as we would like to hide our true intent, and as much as we would like to cover up the truth, sometimes the smallest gestures are all that need to be said. Whether it’s a hug, a smile or a nod, our hearts speak to each other. Without even a glance, your spirit is one with mine, and you are my brother and sister in this life and the next.

There is no need to be anyone but you. There is no need to impress. There is no need to hide. There is only you and there is only me, and we are One. Speak your mind for there is no judgment in being you. Speak your heart and sing the joys of your spirit for there is no judgment in being you. Follow me for only as long as one foot wishes to follow the other, for there is only you.

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January 26, 2010 at 7:27 pm

The Devil in You is the Devil in Me

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the devilHe sees division and he smiles. He sees confusion and he smiles. He sees the lost and he smiles. He is who he is and we call him enemy. He is who is and we call him friend. He is who is and we call him God’s equal. He craves faith and devotion and we have given it to him. He craves power, and our minds are more than willing.

Wars are fought, people are murdered, women and children are raped, the innocent are defiled, and we blame God. We make poor choices, and reap the results of our own doing, and we blame God. We blame God for all the woes of our lives, and yet when life blesses us with good health, or good fortune, we forget His existence. The ungrateful ask for more and there is confusion. The angry forget who they are and there is confusion. The devil smiles and there is confusion.

Open up your heart. Open up your mind. Open up your spirit. Listen!