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Millions of Pieces

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When looking at life, it seems intrinsic that we should know our life and know ourselves well. Even without much effort it is reasonable to assume that we know who we are and yet for many it is a struggle. To know ourselves requires not only that we know the individual but also the individual parts by itself and as part of the whole.

The struggle does not come from lack of memory but from lack of identity. To be part of a whole does not mean to destroy oneself beyond recognition, and to be an individual does not mean to forsake the rest of existence.

Some bandy around the word “balance”. On the surface this appears to make sense until we ask ourselves what is this balance. Is balance an even divide between what is right versus what we want to be right? Is balance defined by each individual depending on their understanding of self? Is balance simply the “struggle,” but in terms more palatable to our current beliefs? Perhaps balance is none of these and is simply the constant flux and process of understanding.

A pillar in a sea of waves understands that it is not the waves that must stop, but instead our struggle to fight them that must cede.


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June 28, 2013 at 6:58 am

Lashing Out at the Innocents

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man yellingWhen we lash out at those who try to help, we do nothing but bring pain to ourselves. When we lash out at the innocents we bring pain to everyone. Though pain might be a seemingly comforting place to some, in truth it is just a place of familiarity. Rather than seeing beyond the hate and anger, we seek to wallow in it. We see ourselves as undeserving of love and justify this thought with behaviors to match.

We ask ourselves why things are the way they are, why the good suffer and why those we deem as lesser beings seem immune to the chaos. We can’t quite comprehend why the balance of the universe seems tilted one way versus another, why it seems tilted away from us. But if we just stopped long enough to see why some behave the way they do, and how we react to others and the situations that we find ourselves in, we would realize that it is not the world that is skewed towards or away from us, but rather our perception of the world and our view of those in it that are skewed. We apply our desires, fears and prejudices towards others, and we ask why “they” are the way they are without ever looking at ourselves.

No matter our transgressions or the transgressions of others, it is not about blame. It is about righting a ship that has gone off course. It is about finding inner peace and bringing it to the outer world. It is about understanding our pain and releasing it so that we may suffer no longer. Choose to release the pain. Choose to accept love. Choose happiness.

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May 28, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Get the Balance Right

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Yin-YangIt is true that in light of a lot of darkness, the light of love shines bright and we are given understanding. Some people say there must be balance (yin/yang, positive/negative, light/dark, good/bad) in order for there to be true understanding, but what if our understanding of balance was misguided? It is true, each serves their purpose. For this reason we cannot judge? It is also true that within our heart of hearts, we know what “feels” right and what does not? For instance, I don’t need to stick my hand into a fire to know that I will get burned. I know because I know. How I come to know, may be another question. Perhaps God has made it so? Perhaps He guides some in different directions, or perhaps He guides all equally?

What if I said hell and punishment was not a fiery pit like some have come to believe? What if instead it was a state of mind in which we were our own tormentors? What if we were made to relive the pain and suffering that we inflicted on others, but through their eyes and through their lives? Would you call this justice, would you call it punishment, or would you call it neither? Perhaps that too is a lesson in and of itself? Forgiveness is as much for the other person as it is for our self. We do it to ourselves. By loving, we go beyond the ideas of judgment and punishment, because who are we judging and punishing, but our self?

Some may think God to be cruel and unfair. Some may think Him to be all loving and all caring. I am of the latter but that is my belief. God wears many hats, but perhaps the greatest hat of them all is Father and Mother for free-will does not mean a life without consequences. Freewill means a life of choosing, knowing that our actions and our thoughts do not live in vacuums.

Written by Sidewalk Bends

April 19, 2010 at 8:32 pm