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earthquake in JapanThere is great suffering by man and animals alike. Everyday there is heartache and destruction. But rather than aide those in need, doomsday-sayers, self-proclaimed prophets and messengers, and individuals seeking fame and profit, feed the chaos. They dismiss the weak, and the unfortunate, and bend the truth to make it their own. False claims are made. Proclamations of impending doom or the second coming of Christ are shouted at those who would dare to listen. Feeding on fear, they disseminate their agenda. They pander to egos and speak down on others who would dare to question, as if berating a child.

There is great suffering and yet you smile. Woe is he who would turn God’s word into his own. Woe is he who knowingly misguides. Woe is he who has forgotten his heart. Woe is he who must bring others down to their suffering. Your intent is known. Your thoughts are known. Your actions are known. The things you do not do are known.


“Psychic” Abilities

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Psychic AbilitiesWhat if one of the purposes of these abilities was so that we could also understand that in truth we do not necessarily need them? They allow for some fantastic experiences that is for sure. They can open up our eyes to the things that exist in this world and the next. They can certainly give us a perspective we may have never considered. They can even allow us to intimately feel others in ways we could never have imagined. They can show us just how connected and interwoven we really are. Regardless of these abilities, we are connected nonetheless? Though it is nice to be reminded in a different way, we are certainly reminded in more ways than one through our very own lives?

Whether we can see, feel and communicate with spirits or not, we are still connected. Whether we can hear other’s thoughts, feel other people’s and animals’ emotions or physical ailments, or whether we can do none of these things, we are all still connected. Whether we can manipulate energy or see it as auras that seemingly shine from our very existence, or whether we are blind and can see none of these things, we are still connected.

We are connected if we but choose to see. And though our ears might hear, and our eyes might see, and our minds might think, our hearts understand. We are connected, you, and I.

Express Yourself

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What I am about to say are my own feelings from within my own heart. I am not speaking for God nor presume to speak for Him. Believe me if you will. If not, then so be it.

It has been suggested by some that we were created so that God could experience Himself, and that God could know himself and in essence discover Himself. To that I say, if God is God, does He not already know Himself? God knows our thoughts before they are even seeds in our own minds. God knows what we are going to do before we can even think of the consequences. God knows because He has created us. He knows because we are each an expression of His love for us. What we do and think should be an expression of our love for Him, ourselves and others.

We are not God’s only creations and we should not kid ourselves by thinking so. Each creature, known and unknown to us was created out of God’s will, not in an effort to know Himself, but to share Himself with us. What better gift than to allow us a freedom to chose a path to or away from Him. Regardless of that choice, His love is there. Even in our darkest moments when we would deny God, and deny ourselves, His love is there.