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The Procession

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funeral processionWhen we spend our time mourning we forget life. Life can be a procession of funerals and long faces if we allowed. We can grieve over the past and double over our regrets, but in doing so do we not just churn our pain and our tears into thick mortar to be plastered like thick masks. We each process perceived loss differently. Some can easily let go, though never quite forgetting, while others feel it is their duty and obligation to carry a guilt that was never meant to be.

Pain is often imprinted much deeper than a memory filled with happiness. But if we would rather count the scars than the smiles, perhaps we’ve missed what celebrating life really means. As much as we would like to believe, the scars do not have to be permanent. There does not need to be tears, at least not tears of sadness. There does not need to be regret. There does not need to be that feeling of hopelessness, or a vacancy we think we cannot fill.

Life as with death, or the acceptance of it, is by our choosing. We can choose to see life as a procession of funerals, or we can see it as a celebration and a transformation of understanding. Perhaps in the death of ego, one can live again.


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September 10, 2011 at 3:26 am

Remembering Humanity

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Osama bin Laden How can we celebrate and exult in jubilation over the death of another person, no matter how many evil acts one has committed? Have we lost our humanity? Have we become so enraged and disconnected that we cannot recognize how far we have fallen? How much blood will it take to quench our thirst for revenge? How many lives must we turn upside down before we can see how we have become the very thing we despise? We dress our cause in a different religion, different colors, different robes, and a different motto, but are we not just the same? We justify our acts through muddled logic, while we spin the voices of our enemies into poison hymns.

What separates us? Are we not just the same? Have we not become the same? Though we may tell ourselves otherwise, why are we so quick to anger? Why are we so quick draw the line between brothers and sisters? Today, many celebrate the death of an enemy, when perhaps we should pray that the truth may be revealed to us all, to those who have died, and to those who are still here. So do I celebrate? No. Inside, my heart weeps for those who have forgotten. My heart weeps for those would rather live in hate, rather than choose to remember love. My heart weeps for those who would use revenge and anger as their rallying call. My heart weeps for those who would be damned. My heart weeps for the innocence lost.

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May 3, 2011 at 2:46 am