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Where is God?

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waving grassPeople ask to see God all the time. They are told to go outside. And when they go outside, they see the stream as it trickles along, the knee high grass that waves in the wind, and the rays from the sun as it gives the sky a purple hue. They see butterflies float by and clouds scattered and dotting the vast expanse. The sounds of birds, and a symphony of insects and critters fill the air.

“Where is God,” they ask.

Again they are told to look outside. Outside they see children running by, laughing and playing. An old man sits on his stool humming to the sounds of nature. A couple is on their porch discussing the day’s events. A stranger is seen in the distance, his face out of view.

“Where is God,” they ask again.

They are told close the door and look inside. There they see their living room, filled with furniture. A mess is piled on the coffee table, and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing in the kitchen. It’s quiet and no one is home.

“Where is God,” they ask again.

They hear nothing. They see nothing. They smell nothing. They feel nothing. Everything turns to black. The sound of silence becomes deafening. Thoughts begin to empty from the mind. The smell of the coffee disappears. And there in front of them, in back of them, outside of them, inside of them, they feel nothing and everything.


Bring Peace to Your Heart

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Share your path with another that you may illuminate the darkness. Bring love to those who would deny it for themselves. Do not make others as you, but allow others to light the way.

God Does Not Need a Megaphone

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The message of the heart is lost in self-promotion. It is lost when it is plastered on walls, and shouted through megaphones. It is lost when the message of the heart is turned into the message of the mind, and a message of the pocket book. Every day, churches line their pockets with cash and gold, and dispense empty guidance. Charities fight each other for the attention of donors, and forget who they serve. The message of the heart is lost when individuals attempt to profit from the misfortunes of others, while at the same time propping themselves up as a savior to man. Groups are created, religions are formed, books are written, and all for the purpose of self-adulation.

It is nice to find fellowship among others. It is also nice to be able to share oneself openly without judgment and condemnation. But when we seek fellowship at the cost of damning another’s beliefs, or further separation, we have done nothing but caused more division. Separation is separation regardless of how it is framed and dressed up. Love is love, regardless of how others would like to shape it or guide it. It is not owned or controlled by any one person or group. It is free for everyone.


God Speaks in All of Us

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If God expressed His will to you, would you change His words? Would you add to it? Would you edit it? Would you give it a grand title? Would you turn it into your own?

By changing God’s word, do we not take His breath and suffocate ourselves? Like weights upon our chest, do we not add burdens to our heart, rather than setting ourselves free?

Perhaps to express God’s will is to Be, not to be seen, to be heard or to be followed, but to Be. Perhaps if God were God, He would not need judges to persecute, politicians to rally on His behalf, or ideologues to frame His intentions. If God were God, perhaps His words would stand on their own, without need for justification or convincing. Unconditional love is an unending Source.


Spiritual Guidance and Chat

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If you are seeking spiritual guidance or advice, or would just like to discuss spirituality even as it pertains to different belief systems, please join us in chat. All beliefs and opinions shall be respected. Please note that users may have beliefs contrary to your own. We encourage everyone to share their path. This venue is free to all and does not require any membership. Come as you will. Share as you will.

Language of the Elders

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elder Waka ta…Waka te…Ah ey.

Come walk with me.
Come dance with me.
Come dance with me Great Spirit.
Come dance with the moon.
Come dance with the wind.
Come dance with the trees.

There is great joy in the peace I know.
Come dance with me.

Walk with this spirit.
Wolf, guide me through the plains.
Moose, stand sentry over the forest.
Robin, point the way.
Walk with me Great Spirit.

There is joy in remembering.
There is peace.

This is the language of my ancestors.
Come walk with me.

Comfort in the Divine

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Would you be so bold so as to speak for God/Allah? Are you so comfortable in knowing the Divine, that you would disregard your brothers and sisters? Would you deny another’s personal relationship with God at the risk of forsaking your own? When the left damns the right and the right damns the left, will you go to the center? When the world is upside down and what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong, will you then question yourself? When the world and all that you know is spinning out of control, will you then take the time to peer into the stillness? When the waves have crashed and you have been obliterated, will you say that you have been reborn? Do not cry for the lost, lest you have given up on them. Do not damn the wicked, lest you have turned your back on them. Do not love them less, lest you have turned your back on yourself.