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Predicting Chaos

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We might think we thrive in chaos, but what we really crave is predictability. We want to know when we will eat next, when we will sleep, when we will wake and when we will take breaks. We want to know how others will react to us in a given situation. We want to know who will treat us kindly and who might treat us unfairly. We want to know because we think it gives us comfort. We crave that predictability so much that we will often manipulate a response to a given situation.

We’ll plant seeds and hope they’ll take root, but we often overlook all of the repercussions. What affects one affects all. And though we think we might have thought through all of the consequences, we can only see as far we are ready to see. But what happens when we can’t see past ourselves? How far do the ripples extend? Who is to say those ripples can’t come back towards its creator?

When those ripples do come back, will we finally stop to see what we’ve done, or will we continue on as if to pretend like nothing ever happened. Each day those ripples become bigger, and each day we are forced to see all that we have done. Will you be able to answer for your actions when the time comes? Will you be able to say why you ignored all the warning signs? Will you be able to face your creator? Will you be able to face yourself?

Whether it is predictability or control, there are times in life when we must give up the reigns. Not all is seen and not all is known. And though we may be comforted by what we think we know, what we know is not always the truth. What we know and what we are used to is not always good for us. In learning to love ourselves and in learning to see ourselves in others, perhaps we can have the strength to make a choice that leads us down the other road. Perhaps in choosing that other road, we can find a path to inner peace, a path to calmness.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

October 19, 2011 at 4:54 am

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