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Fullest Potential

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To help another realize their fullest potential is to help understand our own potential. In order to progress through life there are many who believe that they must put another down. Some believe that in order to succeed that others must fail and that for there to be a winner there must also be a loser. Winners and those who succeed by whatever means are placed on pedestals, while those who struggle to play the game that society has built up so well, are relegated to the outskirts of society.

We have names for them. Sometimes it’s a racial slur. Sometimes it’s a religious slur. Sometimes it’s a putdown against one’s mental acuity, but always it’s a derogatory term meant to cause harm. We teach our children these ideas and these hurtful words, and yet we expect them to be loving and caring people. We make comments under our breath about perceived slights and then we wonder why our children repeat the same slurs.

Rather than trying to place ourselves above others, or to treat life as if it were some contest, what if we decided to help others reach their fullest potential? What if reaching our own potential was not at odds with helping another? Would you be more apt to help? Would you stop what you were doing even if it meant slowing down? Perhaps we can help each other reach our potential.



Written by Sidewalk Bends

June 14, 2011 at 4:52 am

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