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The Middle Path

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Middle Road by Margarita GeorgiadisWe can ask others for a way out, but until we are ready to accept what our heart has to offer, no gem of truth will see its weight in gold. Until we can learn to accept what we know to be right, we will continue to wander and seek a path deeper into a forest of confusion that we create. When we hold our thumbs up as if to measure ourselves against another, we might as well chop off that thumb, for we measure ourselves against that which we do not know. Seeking the middle path is not always the same as seeking a path of understanding, for in seeking the middle path, we may compromise ourselves while at the same time turning our back on others. Fight not the rushing river. Scale not the steep cliffs. Seek a road to your heart. Seek a road to understanding.

painting credit: Middle Road by Margarita Georgiadis


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