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Snake Oil Salesman

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salesmanSpare not the truth, lest you should deny it yourself. Sometimes it is not your choice as to what others are to learn. We serve as teachers for each other, wittingly and sometimes unwittingly. We can choose to avoid situations that may cause discomfort, anxiety or anger in another person, but what will come to be, will be. In choosing a path of avoidance, we are sometimes presented with a lever that only quickens the inevitable. This lever does not remove free will. It simply pressures your hand. What you choose in that moment will affect not only the immediate circumstance, but all circumstances to follow, for you and for those you wish to spare. Avoidance, for the sake of avoidance is not love. It is denial wrapped in the guise of love. Love is honesty. Love is understanding that what one has to offer may not always be accepted. Love is understanding that although some may turn their back on you today, that others will come to understand another day. Love is being there when that day comes. Open the door to your heart, but do not slam it when someone decides to choose another path.


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