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God Does Not Need a Megaphone

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The message of the heart is lost in self-promotion. It is lost when it is plastered on walls, and shouted through megaphones. It is lost when the message of the heart is turned into the message of the mind, and a message of the pocket book. Every day, churches line their pockets with cash and gold, and dispense empty guidance. Charities fight each other for the attention of donors, and forget who they serve. The message of the heart is lost when individuals attempt to profit from the misfortunes of others, while at the same time propping themselves up as a savior to man. Groups are created, religions are formed, books are written, and all for the purpose of self-adulation.

It is nice to find fellowship among others. It is also nice to be able to share oneself openly without judgment and condemnation. But when we seek fellowship at the cost of damning another’s beliefs, or further separation, we have done nothing but caused more division. Separation is separation regardless of how it is framed and dressed up. Love is love, regardless of how others would like to shape it or guide it. It is not owned or controlled by any one person or group. It is free for everyone.



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