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The Infinite Capacity

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The capacity to share God’s will is infinite. It can be done through writing. It can be done through talking, and it can be done through listening. It can be done through playing, and through smiling. It can be done through sharing and it can even be done in silence. None are the only way, and none are mutually exclusive. Each is a tool, unique like each one of us, but what is shared among them, is the selflessness in fulfilling the will of that which is greater than ourselves. There is a will greater than our own, unless we allow our own to be that of the greater will. This does not mean to subdue that which we deem pleasurable or unpleasurable, or that which we deem beneath God or above God, but it means the realization of self. It means that the left shall know the right, the top shall know the bottom, the front shall the know back, and the outer shall know the inner.

There is but one will, and many ways to get there. In realizing the self, we realize others. The capacity is infinite, but it is not yet realized by all, and not always fully by ourselves. We can only see as far as we are allowed to see, and feel only as much as we are allowed to feel. In understanding this, we must also understand that this is also true for others. Cast not doubt on those who have not caught up to you, and cast not stones at those who have surpassed you, for the front is the back, and the back is the front.


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