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Eternal Soul

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walking into the lightThere are some who are eager for this life to end. They imagine riches, beautiful women, and a fantastical paradise awaiting them behind some veiled existence. Some see the next life as a reward for the things done in this life, while others see it as a natural progression of existence. For others still, some believe that all the mysteries of the world, seen and unseen, will be revealed to them, as if death in and of itself were some great epiphany. But what if none of these things were true? What if there were no riches and no virgins, or acres of green pastures awaiting us? What if enlightenment and the understanding of all that was, was not something that came automatically? What if peace remained a choice, just as it is now in this life? Would we hasten death’s door? Would we continue to damn this life, hoping that the next would bring something greater?

Rather than being so quick to judge this life, and to dismiss all that it brings, perhaps it is time to look closer. There is no guarantee in death. There is no guarantee of a next life or another life. And though we may think we know what is to come, perhaps what is around the corner is also right in front of us. Peace is now. Understanding is now. Love is now. Life is now. We are now, and yet the soul is eternal.


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