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Stairs to Nowhere

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stairs to nowhereThere are no hierarchies except the ones we choose to live under. Whether one is a king, president, politician, doctor, lawyer or servant, there are no hierarchies. No one person is greater than the next. No one person is worth more than the next. From birth people are taught a rigid system of order. Before one step can be achieved, one must first reach another step, and so on and so on. What we are not taught is that if we flip that hierarchy on its side, we are all equal. Instead, each person out of fear and desperation, tries to push others aside.

We have become so caught up in trying to catch the person in front of us that we forget what we are chasing. We never ask what it is the person in front of us is after. Perhaps we are doing nothing more than chasing our own tail in a self-defeating game of who’s on top, except there is no top. There is no bottom. There is not even a left or a right. There is only us. When we can accept that each person, and each pebble of creation has its place, then perhaps we can realize our true worth. It is not decided upon by society, our family, or even our friends. It is us, individually, who decides. And when we decide to realize our full potential, our true self, then all of creation will show itself.


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