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The biggest distraction is often the one in which we try to find our differences. There are often many ways to interpret a given message. Often times depending on where we are in our lives, we may see and understand one thing versus another. Other times we may disregard a message all together. But rather than spend our time fighting over the differences, shouldn’t we be appreciative of the different perspectives we each bring? Life and its experiences are like a personal lesson plan. No two can possibly be the same. And even when looking at a single individual’s life, memories of the past are often shaped by what comes next. So rather than spend another moment arguing over who’s perspective is best, maybe we should just take joy in knowing we were all made unique for a reason. You are another me, and I am another you after all. Though our appearances may differ, though our upbringing may have been polar opposites, and though we may speak different languages or come from different parts of society, we each offer a perspective unique to ourselves. No one view carries more weight than another. No one life carries more weight than another.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

June 23, 2010 at 5:52 am

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