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white flag To surrender does not mean to give up. To surrender does not mean to roll over and play dead. To surrender means to understand. It means to submit to a feeling or to a will much greater than our own. It means learning to walk away from what we know doesn’t quite work. It means learning to accept that there are other choices. It means learning to listen. In life we are often met with frustration, pitted between a bad choice and another choice that seems worse than the first. Though we would tell ourselves that these are our only choices, we forget that we are participants in this life and that we can make new choices. We can choose to walk away from a situation, we can allow others to make our decisions for us, or we can choose to understand that what we think as important may not be quite as important as we think it to be.

And though most of us would like to blame the difficulties in our lives on other people, or on untimely events that sometimes seem like they are gunning for us, most of our difficulties are self-perceived. Brought on by our wants and by our expectations, we create from thin air, things to worry about. So we must learn to surrender. We must learn to surrender and to submit to each moment. In doing so, we must surrender our wants, our desires and our expectations. Without them there can be no frustration. Without frustration there can be no anger. Without anger, there can be no hate. Do not give up, just surrender.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

May 17, 2010 at 11:02 pm

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