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Convince Man of Nothing

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A man cannot begin to convince another man and share his beliefs through logic alone. No matter how intelligent we believe ourselves to be, and no matter how superior we think the human mind to be, it is limited by the things we feed it. Whether fed by books, television or other sources of knowledge, it is limited. Wrapped in self-delusion, it struggles for survival in a world that often defies logic. We may try to justify our knowledge through history and the words of men long since passed, but until we can free our mind of its constraints we will never see the world as it was meant to be seen.

If you seek to convince a man of anything, speak not of conjecture and assumptions. Instead, speak to a person’s heart. Be honest with yourself and with all whom your words would touch. Speak not of absolutes unless you are absolute. Be not afraid of admitting error, or of admitting ignorance, for the fool is not the one who does not know, but is the one who cannot admit that they do not know, or cannot know.

Many will claim to know God’s word, for it is said by some that it is written in the Bible and other holy texts. Some say it is foolish to disregard God’s word. Perhaps it is more foolish to assume His word. Man knows what he knows, and no more. And though he would try to turn his will into God’s will, and turn all of God’s creations into his servants, he has power over nothing. He thinks because he is allowed to think. He breathes because he is allowed to breathe. He lives because he is allowed to live. Nothing is by his power.

Convince man of nothing, for the truth is already written. Before his life, his death was already written.


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