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There are No Crimes

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When a person commits murder, is it not because he has forgotten what it means to love? When a life is taken, not only are the choices of that life removed from that person or creature, but the whole of creation is robbed of the lessons and the love that this individual provided?

When a person steals, is it not because he has forgotten that there is nothing to own? Is not all that we truly need provided freely? Surely there are those who would deny the less fortunate, but in truth, is it not true that all the things that sustain us are free?

When a person lies, is it not because he has forgotten that there are truly no secrets? When a lie is told, is it not done out of fear? Like children hiding from a punishment, is it not because we forget that we are always loved?

When a person mistreats another person or creature, is it not because he has forgotten who he is? Is not all of life connected? Do we not all affect each other? In truth, are we not all different faces of each other? And so in mistreating others, are we not casting stones at our self?

When we seek guidance away from God, have we not forgotten who has given us life? Have we not forgotten that although we may stray, He has kept a careful watch over us? Although we may choose to ignore His voice, is He not heard in the wind, and seen in the clouds and the heavens? Does He not show Himself among the trees and the abundance of this world? Are His songs not sung by the birds. In the things we see and do not see, is He not everywhere?

There are no crimes in this world. There is only love and whether we choose to accept it or not. There are no punishments, except for the punishments we put on ourselves. There is no anger, except for the anger we cannot let go. There is no hate, except for the hate we have for ourselves. There is love. There is compassion. There is acceptance. There is neither you and there is neither me. There are only us.


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